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November 13-14 November 12, 2019

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Only 2 days this week! Here’s what’s happening:
We are doing our mid-unit assessment for Fundations. In Math we will be investigating attributes (how we describe objects). In writing we will be continuing our work with labeling our pictures.
For the rest of the month we will be reviewing all of the trick words we have covered so far- the, do, see, can, am.
On Nov. 29 we will be having a crazy hair and hat day!

Parents- if you know of someone whose child will be eligible for kindergarten in the fall 2020, please let them know that it is now time for kindergarten registration! It seems so crazy, we are just getting into the swing of the school year and it’s already time for others to think about next year!

Dates to Remember


22-23 Christmas Craft Fair (Stratford Elementary 14th from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. and 15th from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.)


6 Joint Staff Day (no classes)

9 Christmas Dress Rehearsal

10 Kindergarten Christmas Concert

11 Grade One Christmas Concert

12 Grade Two Christmas Concert

13 Christmas Concert Storm Date

20 Last Instructional Day of 2019

We will be having a field trip before Christmas break as well. More information on that will be coming!

Some pictures from last week!


November 4-8 November 4, 2019

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Hi Parents,
Just a quick update today. Here’s what’s happening’

-New trick word: AM to go with the, do, can
-New letters: d and s. This is week 6 of Fundations. Next week will be a mid-unit assessment week. I will be checking on letter/sound/formation knowledge. The more practice they can have at home, the quicker they can be with letter recognition!
-In math we have finished numbers to 5 and are beginning a new study on Patterns.

Remember Parent Teacher Interviews are this week. If you have not signed up, please do so by WEDNESDAY at 7 ! I will be sending a note home to those parents who have not signed up as a reminder.

There will be no classes on Friday due to interviews. No classes on Monday because of Remembrance Day. Remember next week is a 2 day school week as Thursday and Friday are days for the PEITF and the CUPE conventions.

Have a great week!


FRIDAY NOV 1– PAJAMA DAY! October 31, 2019

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That is all.

Ms. Marshall


October 28-November 1 October 27, 2019

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One of the first things people ask me at this time of year is, “So, how is your new class?” My new class this year is a dream. They are the best, parents, they truly are. We have had so much fun getting to know each other these past two months, and learning what makes us all tick. For example, I can tell you that we do free choice every morning when they first come in. We do great, we are always involved, we make tremendous choices and follow through with our work… for about 45 minutes. Like clockwork, I can tell when the wheels are about to fall off. And you know what? That’s awesome! We can clean up and move on to the next activity, no problem. And then, every afternoon at about 1:45, I know that whatever I have planned will fall apart. So I’ve started playing group games at that time. As a teacher, one way I know they have learned a concept is when they transfer that concept from their “work” to their “play”. I have been able to really watch these kiddos do just that this past month. But these things aren’t what makes this group so special. What makes them special is the way they stick together, the way they aren’t afraid to take chances, the way they like to help each other. This is a special group, parents, and I want to thank you and let you know how amazing they are.

I wanted to share some of their day with you here:


At the end of each day, we play a game called Countdown to 5 (after Christmas we will raise the number to 10). It’s a simple game where we count off from 1-5, and the person who is 5 sits down. We keep going until there is one player left standing. This game may seem redundant, but it teaches us so much about number sense: it teaches before and after, predictability, patterns, it solidifies our counting skills. On Friday during choice time, I looked over and there they were- playing countdown to 5 on their own! And, as you can see, they had a great time doing it!

They enjoy creating, from making books (see that mermaid? It’s a book about mermaids); to painting (as this one was painting, he was telling me the story of what it was- a very detailed story about a worm and what he was eating). In the block area, they were creating letters, and then evolved into making the worlds largest cruise ship (with a fascinating story about who was on it and how big it was).

All of this play, all of this creating is leading us to become great writers and readers. All of the language we use, the games we play, all give us a beautiful palette of words and descriptors that will help us as we move into the next stage of our development. I foresee a very exciting year in KD.

Now, to the week ahead:

We will be learning the letters a and g in Fundations and I will be introducing the trick word do. In math we will be finishing up number sense to 5 and starting patterns next week. We will be doing pumpkin explorations throughout the week as well. On Thursday we will be having our annual Halloween party. Children can come to school dressed in their costumes, but please remember- no weapons or masks that cover the whole face (making vision difficult) are allowed. We will be having a school wide Halloween parade starting at 9. We will have our class treats/party in the afternoon.

Here’s to the last week of October!

Ms. Marshall


October 21-25 October 21, 2019

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Hello Parents!

Getting ready for the week ahead, here’s what’s in store:

We are continuing work on number sense to 5, especially looking at more than/fewer than/same as. We are also working on firming up our confidence in number sense including counting forward and backward to 5.

In literacy we will be reading the book Pumpkin, Pumpkin, and we will be doing some fun activities to go along with the story. We have added can to our “bank” of trick words: see, the, can. Letters in Fundations this week include c and a. So far we have learned the letters t, f, b, m, n, i, u. Just a reminder that five minutes at night to practice printing these letters will go a long way for your child!

Below I have added our general daily schedule, just so you know what we do during the day. This will change and evolve as the year goes on, but for now, this is what a general day looks like (Phys Ed and Music are interspersed where scheduled):

8:30-9:30- Play time

9:30-10- Morning Meeting

10-10:20- Writing/Math Journals

10:20- Get ready for recess

10:30-10:45- Recess

10:45-1120:- Snack/Choice Bins (activities that reinforce what we are learning in literacy and math)

11:20-12:05- Fundations/Literacy Block

12:05-12:15- Ready for Recess

12:15-12:40- Recess

12:40-1:00- Lunch

1:00-1:20- Quiet time/finish lunch

1:20- 1:45- Choice Time (activities that reinforce what we are learning)

1:45-2:00- Whole group game

2:00-2:20- End of the day story, wrap up

2:20- Ready to go home, go to the bus

It is almost time for Learning Reports and Parent Teacher interviews. Information on how to sign up for an interview will be going home on Monday. Please let me know if you cannot meet on the days assigned. We will work together to find a time! Thank you in advance!

Have a great week!

Ms. Marshall


October 13-17 October 11, 2019

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Hello Parents! I hope we all had a great Thanksgiving. We started back on Tuesday ready to go! Lots of exciting things happening in KD, here are some:

We are continually incorporating our Five Senses (our kindergarten science outcomes) into our everyday life in KD. Last week we used our Five Senses when we made applesauce! This is always a fun experience!



We continued to incorporate math concepts into our daily routine. One way we do this is by adding popsicle sticks to count out the days:


For each day of the month we add a popsicle stick. When we get to 5, we put them in the 5’s cup. When we get to 10, we take the two packs of 5 and put them together, then put them in the 10’s cup.

We are learning so many ways to count!


We are learning new words to read as well. We call these “trick words”, and the trick words so far this year are: see, the, can. Can is the newest word.

In Fundations we have learned letters t, b, f, n, m, and this week we add i, and u.

We are working on rhyming, and in writing we are still using pictures to tell our stories.

So much happens in kindergarten it is hard to put it all down in words! I am hoping to have a few new ways to share what we are doing with you. One way is through our class Twitter account. This is a private account that I manage. I know who every follower is. If you have a Twitter account and would like to follow us, please send me a request at

I am working on another idea that I will share with you once I have it more solidified. Please know, though, that your child’s privacy is my number 1 concern here, so I will never post a picture of a face or a name!

So, I think that is a lot for one blog post! Have a great rest of the week!

Ms. Marshall


September 30-October 4 September 29, 2019

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Hey parents! Getting ready for our first week in October, and there is a lot going on!

Fundations begins in full this week. Please be looking in your child’s homework bag for this weeks lesson emphasis. Please know that these letters are for you to help your child. I do not expect them to be returned to school, as a matter of fact, they will be very useful as the year progresses. It might be a good idea to find a binder to put all of the letter sheets in so that your child can refer to them at home if needed.

In Math we are continuing on with number sense to 5. This includes learning counting rules, subitizing (seeing a group at a glance and knowing how many are there), and counting on (starting at a number other than 1 and counting to 5 or 10).

In Writing we are emphasizing the idea that pictures help tell our stories, so we are creating our own picture books.

We are also learning the trick words: the, see

I am hoping to get out for a nature walk this week, it all depends on the weather!

Items to note:

Monday is Orange Shirt Day. Orange Shirt Day—September 30th, is a day to honour residential school survivors and their families and reflect on the residential school system in Canada.

Monday is also the first Home and School meeting of the year.

Friday is Walk to School Day- students and parents can meet at the Town Hall at 7:45 to walk to school together.

Monday is Day 4 in the cycle

Here’s to another great week!

Ms. Marshall