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October 22-26 October 18, 2018

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Hey Parents!

We have just completed a fun little unit on apples. We enjoyed learning about how they grow, having taste tests, making apple sauce, and creating a bulletin board about apples. We are moving on to pumpkins now!

Fundations is moving along quite nicely. Just a few minutes at home can make a world of difference for your child at school!

We are learning about being “Reader Detectives” and looking for words we know/remember in stories as well as using the pictures to help us read the story. So far, our Trick Words have been SEE and THE. Next week we will add AND to our list.

In math we are learning about printing numbers, as well as reinforcing number sense: the number before and after a number, what it looks like on a dice and on a five frame, and more/less/equal to.

Just a few reminders:

NO SCHOOL THE 18th!- Professional Development Day

On Friday, October 26 we will have Orange and Black day! Everyone wear orange and black.

We will be celebrating Halloween in the classroom and costumes will be welcome. More will be said about that closer to the 31st.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Ms. Marshall

PS, Scenes from our Apple Exploration!




October 9-12 October 9, 2018

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Hello Parents,

Looking forward to a shorter week, but still so much to do and learn! We have been talking about fall and leaves and today we painted some fall pictures. We each had a very small amount of paint, and toothpicks and enjoyed making our trees look so colourful! On the way to the bus we kept noticing all of the fall colours as well. I’m thinking, if the weather clears, a fall walk might happen this week too!

We have begun learning our “Trick Words” (we used to call them sight words). We have learned the word “see” and this week we will learn the word “the”.

Fundations is moving along quickly. I hope you got this weeks unit that was sent home today. Just a few minutes practice in the evenings will make a world of difference in your child’s letter knowledge and ability to print!

In Math we are still focusing on concepts of number to 5, specifically more, less, and equal too, and being able to use the proper language to explain how we know something is more or less.

Wednesday is Teddy Bear Clinic- please allow your child to bring their favourite stuffy to school with them!

One further note before I sign off- if you are dropping your child off in the morning, please leave them in the lobby and allow them to make their way to the classroom independently. They are all very capable of doing this on their own and giving them that independence also gives them a confidence boost!

Thanks, and have a great week!

Ms. Marshall

IMG_20181009_151315 Our painting activity.



September 24-28 September 24, 2018

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Hello Parents,

It’s hard to believe our first month of school is almost over! Everyone is beginning to settle in nicely, and our routine is pretty regular now.  Here’s what is happening this week in KD:

-We have begun Fundations. Please see your child’s homework bag for more information. These little packets you get are for your use at home. They do not need to be returned to the school.

-We have started learning our “trick” words (sight words). This week our Trick Word is: see.

-We are doing a great job with our silent reading, and we will build on this with partner reading.

-We will begin Writers Workshop. Our focus for the next little bit will be: “Readers use pictures to help read the story, writers use pictures to help tell the story”

-In Math we are talking about more, less, and equal too.

Things to be aware of this week:

No School on Friday, September 28 as this is a Professional Development Day.

Orange Shirt Day is Thursday, September 27. Here is more information about this important day:

Glen Stewart Primary will be celebrating Orange Shirt Day on September 28th . Many schools across Canada will be participating in Orange Shirt Day. Since it began in 2013, participation in this day is an opportunity for teachers and students to bring awareness of residential schools and is also an invitation to reconciliation. Please wear an Orange Shirt to help us remember this day.

As far as dropping of students in the morning, please be  aware of this:

When parents are dropping off students, please do not exit your cars. If you need to exit your car, please park your car in a parent parking space.  Parents who are dropping off their children need to have their children exit their car at the “drop students here” sign, near the loop’s exit.

Here’s to a great week!

Ms. Marshall


September 17-21 September 17, 2018

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We have finished our first full week of Kindergarten, and I think it’s going pretty well! We’ve established our routines, we’ve decided as a class what our expectations should be, and we are becoming a close-knit classroom community. We have had fire drill practices, and coming up we will be having bus evacuation drills and school evacuation drills.

This past week we learned about children around the world, and we will continue to focus on this over the course of the next week.

We will continue working on solidifying our alphabet knowledge, both the order of the alphabet and letter identification.

In math we are learning about the different ways to count. Last week we talked about counting by pointing (and remembering it doesn’t matter where we start to count, just that we make sure we count everything), and by moving objects as we count them. This week we will be introduced to the ten frame and to subitizing (being able to look at an arrangement, for example on the dice, and know how many are there just by looking). We practice all of these with numbers up to five because it’s a great number to practice counting with- not too hard, not too easy.

To Keep in Mind:

-Monday Sept 17 is picture day as well as Meet the Teacher Night. Pictures will happen sometime in the morning. There will be two sessions for Meet the Teacher, one at 6 and one at 6:30. I will be going over class routines and expectations. I will also have sign up sheets for special treat days and for playdough.

-September 28 is a school Professional Development Day. There will be no regular classes that day.

Information for Dropping off and Picking Up your child:

In the mornings, if you wish to come down to the classroom, you must check in with the office. I do want to encourage you, though, to allow your child to come into school on their own. They are quite independent, and need this time to practice that.

For dropping off/picking up your child in the drop off zone, please note the following:

*Parents who are picking up their children after school, must do so in the lobby. Parents are not permitted in the bus loop and cannot pick their children up in this area.

*Parents who are dropping their children off in the morning, please let them out of their cars close to the metal barriers near the exit area of the drop off loop.

*Parents are not permitted to enter the staff parking areas (the parking areas past the concrete barriers and the new side parking spaces close to the field).

Here’s to another busy, yet fun week ahead of us! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know!

Ms. Marshall


Welcome to KD! September 5, 2018

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Hello, and welcome to KD! I know there are some familiar faces in the class, and some new faces; I am excited to meet you all and teach this class this year! We have a lot of good times in KD, and each September is a special time getting to know each other and building our community for the year.

I will be posting weekly updates on this blog, so if you are wondering about what is going on in the class- this is the place to be! I encourage you all to subscribe to the blog so you can get updates each time they come out. If you have anything you would like to personally ask, please feel free to e-mail me. If you would like me to phone you, send a quick e-mail letting me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Starting out the year we will be focusing on the difference between a letter, a number and a word, the alphabet and alphabetical order, and counting with one to one accuracy. We will be talking about how children across the world go to school each day, and becoming friends and co-learners together in our class.

I look forward to working with you all this year! Welcome to Glen Stewart and welcome to KD!

Ms. Marshall



June 25-27 June 25, 2018

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Last three days of school!! How exciting!

Here’s what’s going on:

On Monday we will have an “arts and crafts day”. Lots of supplies will be out, and it will be a time to let our creating juices flow!

Tuesday is Pajama Day!

Wednesday (the last day of classes):

-Report cards go home this day. We cannot send them any earlier, so if you will not be here that day, please let me know so we can rearrange the report card delivery.

-Lots of work (and other things) from the year will go home! Pay special attention to the writing portfolio- you’ll be amazed at the progress!

-Lunch is provided on Wednesday! We will be having Papa John’s Pizza for lunch in our class, so please don’t worry about a lunch that day!

If you have any questions, please send me an email!

Ms. Marshall




A few little things June 14, 2018

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Hello Parents!

Just a few things for these last few days (Can you believe it? DAYS!) of school:

Remember the field trip next Thursday (Friday is the rain date).

On  the last day of school we will be having a pizza party for lunch. If you were planning to order that day- Don’t! And don’t pack a lunch! What a better way to end the year than with some Pizza, right?

I am sure there will be other notes between now and the last day, so keep an eye out.

Have a great weekend,

Ms. Marshall