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November 13-17 November 14, 2017

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It’s a short week this week, but still lots to do! Here’s what’s up:

Our sight word for the week is the

Our letter of the week is B

Our big book is, “Whose Mouse are You”

And in Math we will begin talking about Patterns. This week we will be focusing on “attributes” and what makes objects similar and different.

Report cards will go home on Wednesday, and remember Parent Teacher Interviews are this Thursday and Friday. There is no school on Friday.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall


November 6-10 November 7, 2017

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Hey Parents,

Sorry for the post being late, time flies when you’re having fun!

Speaking of fun, here’s the fun for the week:

In literacy we are reading the big book, Can’t you Sleep Little Bear? Last week we read a story about hibernation and it sparked a fun conversation on the subject. So, if your child says need to hibernate for the night, you know what it’s about!

We are learning the word “to” and talking about the letter P. If you are keeping record at home, these are the sight words and letters we’ve covered so far:

Letters: F, E, D, P

Words: can, see, my, and, to, do

I’m finding we are doing great with the sight words, but some of us are having a harder time connecting the letter sounds with the letters. Here’s an idea to do at home, in the car, where ever: When you come across a word, either something you’re talking about or a sign you see, repeat the word to your child, emphasizing the first (beginning) sound. Then ask them what sound it is, and what letter makes that sound. I think this is helping some of us make that connection (and it also is a kindergarten foundational learning: hearing the beginning and ending sounds). This will especially come in handy when we begin writing and reading.

Speaking of writing, we have begun writing our first books. I will have these available for you at parent teacher interviews. We have been focusing on storytelling up until this point. Now, we are telling our stories using pictures. I am looking forward to “reading” these books, and I know you will enjoy them as well.

Parent teacher interviews are Thursday and Friday, Nov. 16,17 (please note that there is NO SCHOOL on the 17). The slips are going home this week. Please let me know ASAP if that time assigned doesn’t work for you. I have tried to get most of them on Thursday evening, as in the past this has been what has worked for most families. If we can’t find a time that works for you on Thursday or Friday, let me know and we can try another day after school. These interviews will focus on the learning report that will go home on the 15th, so be sure to go over that and come with any questions you may have! Most of the year, so far, has been focused on social and emotional growth, phonological awareness, fine motor, and numbers 1-5. The learning report will reflect that. I look forward to seeing all of you!

Things to be aware of:

Monday, November 13 no school: honoring Remembrance Day

Friday, November 17 no school: parent teacher interviews

Wednesday and Thursday (and Friday Morning) there will be a Book Fair in the Library. I will sign our class up for a day to visit and browse (please DO NOT feel pressure to send in money for them!), and you are free to go on Thursday evening or Friday morning as well.

Next week we will be covering the letter R and the sight word the.

Have a great week, and I look forward to seeing you all next week!

Mrs. Marshall


October 30- November 3 October 29, 2017

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Remember it’s a short week this week, as Friday is a Professional Development Day. I am sure everyone is very excited about Tuesday, I know I am. It should be lots of fun. And since we’re talking about it, our party will be in the morning. At 9:30 we will be having an all school parade so everyone gets a chance to see our costumes. Please send your child to school in their costume, but don’t forget a change of clothes as we will be changing once the Halloween party is finished. We will be having some pumpkin explorations going on the rest of the day. It should be lots of fun!

Our plans for the rest of the days:

Literacy- our big book will be Changing Leaves. The concepts we have been working on, and will continue to work on, are strategies that help us read books. We can use pictures, find words we know, and we can remember what we’ve read. We will continue to practice these this week.

We will be reviewing the letters we have introduced for printing thus far: F, E, and D. And we will be reviewing our sight words my, can, and, see, and do.

In math we are working on recognizing numbers arranged in familiar sets (like numbers on a dice, or a five frame) at a glance. This skill is called “subitizing” and is a foundational learning for us in Kindergarten.

We have had lots of fun creating in a variety of ways these past few days, here is just a sample:

Artist Andy Goldsworthy is our inspiration in the sand area.

We had lots of fun with play dough and with Halloween themed craft supplies!

Here’s to another great week!

Mrs. Marshall


October 23-27 October 23, 2017

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Hi Parents! Another busy, full week of kindergarten. Here’s what’s up:

In literacy we will be finishing off our ABC line (finally!!), and will be working on printing the letter D. To refresh, we have covered F,E, and now D if you’d like to be working on letter recognition/printing at home.

We will be reading the book, Pumpkin, Pumpkin, and will have some pumpkin poems and stories to go along with this.

We are focusing on using the pictures to help us read the story, and pointing to the words we read. As always, we are looking for any sight words in our books as well. To refresh the sight words: can, see, do, my. We will be adding the word *and* to our list.

In math we are working on creating groups and counting to determine the number in a group.

Have a  great week!

Mrs. Marshall


October 16-20 October 15, 2017

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Hi Parents,

It’s a quick week ahead of us. Remember there are only 3 days of school as Thursday and Friday are set aside for the PEITF conference.

This week we will be reading the book, “See What I Can Do”

We will be covering the letter E for printing, and V,W,X for our alphabet line

In Math we will be working on the concept of counting and creating sets

We have begun “Storytelling” and that will continue this week.

I have a few pictures from last week. We had a great time using our Five Senses to investigate apples with taste tests and making apple sauce. We will be comparing apples and pumpkins this week, and next we will be investigating pumpkins.

The school is having a food drive! Please, if you would like to, send in any non-perishable goods and we will add them to the collection!

Have a great week!


Making Applesauce


Using story cubes to create a class story. This was so much fun, we will definitely be doing this again!


October 2-6 October 3, 2017

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Sorry for the late update this week! Just a reminder that there is no school on Friday due to a Professional Development Day, and none on Monday because of Thanksgiving. I hope you all enjoy the long weekend!

This week we are talking about our Five Senses, we are covering the letters N, O, P, Q. In Math we are focusing on the concepts of more, fewer/less, and same as/equal too.

We will also be doing fall activities that use our five senses, such as making applesauce and having apple taste tests.\

Before I sign off I want to remind you to check your child’s backpack each night, and if their homework bag is in there make sure you check that as well. Some important notes are being missed! Thanks!


Here are some of our co-constructed classroom expectations. We worked on this together to remind us what we need to do as a class.


Here we are using the hopscotch mat to practice our numeral recognition as well as one to one correspondence.






September 25-29 September 25, 2017

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Just a quick update today:

Literacy: Book is Brown Bear Brown Bear

Sight word: See

Letters: K,L,M,N,O

Math: The concept of More, Fewer/Less Than, and Same As

Writers workshop will focus on storytelling

On Friday we will be having our Terry Fox walk/run in the afternoon. Feel free to send in a donation if that is something your family would like to do.

Here’s to a great week!

Mrs. Marshall