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May 21-25 May 21, 2018

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Last full of May?? Say What??? I can’t believe it. Nine months of the school year are almost finished, one left to go. It’s amazing to see the growth in your children this year.

We just finished up a study of Octopuses, and we learned so much. We created a bulletin board to share our information with the school, including the song we wrote and the book we wrote about our favourite Octopus facts. It was a fun unit of study for all of us! I wanted to shares some pictures:



This week we will begin learning about dirt and growing things. We will continue to work on our sight words, reading and writing, and will continue with our 3D shapes. We will certainly not be bored!

Special Notes:

There will be no KINDERGARTEN this Friday as it is the day next years children come to visit. Please note that every other grade does have school that day, only Kindergarten is exempt.

Also, it was pointed out the on the Glen Stewart Newsletter our field trip was scheduled for the 12 of June. This is incorrect. Our trip to Kings Castle will be JUNE 21.

And, finally, if you have not paid your $40 school fee for next year, please do so ASAP.

I think that’s it for the week!

Ms. Marshall



May 14-20 May 15, 2018

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Hello Parents! I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine, weren’t we lucky to get such a beautiful weekend? Here’s what’s coming up in KD:

We have been researching Octopuses last week and this. It has been a very interesting activity for us, and we will be writing up a “report” about them, and perhaps, create a song as well. Ask your child something about octopuses, I am sure they can tell you more than a few things!

We are beginning our unit on 3D shapes. This is such a fun unit, it’s probably one of my favourites.

We have introduced all of our sight words for the year. Please keep in mind that we still need to work on these, and any work at home is bonus for your child. This also includes printing/Fundations work. I realize it is a crazy time of year, but I have noticed a big jump in those students who do extra work at home. Five minutes a night does make a difference!

Reading is going well. I have done a simple assessment and I find most of us are right where we need to be. We will continue to work on reading and writing as the year winds down.

Just a few extra notes:

Supply fees are due by May 31. If you do not have this fee paid by this date, you will be responsible to purchase your child’s school supplies. As a parent and a teacher I will say that the $40 fee is actually a very good deal, so I want to encourage you to pay this fee on time. You can pay this either on line or send the money in with your child (I will send home a receipt). If there is an issue you need to discuss personally, please let me know.

-We are getting ready for our end of the year field trip to Kings Castle. If you are interested in joining us you will need a criminal background check on file with the school. I would encourage you to get this as soon as possible. We have a form at the school that can be sent home. Please let me know if you are interested.

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to another exciting week in KD!

Ms. Marshall


April 30-May 4 April 27, 2018

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Hi Parents,

Just a few things for this upcoming week.

Please return any unused tickets for the Spring Concert by Monday, and please let me know if you need more for either showing!

I have sent home the list of sight words we have/will be covering this year. I am finding some of us need a bit more practice with both sight words and printing. If you could spend just 5 minutes a night going over these two things, I know it would make a huge improvement in your child’s reading and writing. Thank you!

Remember the Spring Concert is Tuesday!!! They don’t need to wear anything special, but we are singing songs about fish in the sea and wearing fish-type headbands.

There will be no school on Friday as that is our PEITF Annual General Meeting.

If you have been wondering about guided reading, I have stopped sending home books. I find once the time changes and the weather begins to warm up, it becomes more difficult for families to add this in, and books stop coming back to school on time. We are still practicing our reading in the classroom.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Marshall


Spring Concert Tickets April 26, 2018

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Parents, if you have any extra Spring Concert tickets, please send them back to the school.

If you are short on tickets, Please let me know!



Ms. Marshall


April 9-13 April 10, 2018

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The School Milk program came today to speak to us about healthy eating. And Good News! We get free milk! On Monday, April 16 everyone will receive free milk!

We had computer time this afternoon:


We practice all kinds of things during this time- math, letters, working together, explaining directions. In Kindergarten, computer time isn’t an isolation time, it’s a time for sharing and cooperating. It’s also a time we look forward to each Day 3.

This week:

Fundations letters went home yesterday. We’re working on x, y

Our sight word is WE

Our book is One Duck Stuck

In Math we are working on problem solving tasks to reinforce part/part/whole concepts. We are also constantly refreshing all of the other concepts we’ve worked on this year.

Last week we had some fun with colours and colour mixing and we created our own class rainbow:


Reminder that there are no classes on Friday due to a Provincial Professional Development Day.

Let’s enjoy the sunshine and the warmer temps! Let’s hope that the weather has finally turned for the better!

Ms. Marshall


March 12-16 March 12, 2018

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Two weeks until March Break- lots of time to get stuff done!

A few notes for the week ahead:

-This week is “French Week”, a time to celebrate French culture in PEI and in Canada. On Monday we will be wearing the colours of the Acadian flag- red, white, blue, and yellow!

-Friday is going to be our St. Patrick’s Day celebration. We’ll have some fun in the afternoon!

In math we will be digging deeper into the concepts of counting and part/part/whole.

In literacy we will continue with Fundations, we will have a new big book- “What’s the Weather Like Today”. New sight words will be like and look. Guided Reading will continue as usual. In writers workshop we’ve been looking at our “writing continuum” (I showed you parts of this during our parent teacher interviews), and finding where we are with our writing, and what our “next step” will be. I am amazed, not only at our self-reflection, but at how it is transforming our writing almost instantly. Your children are amazing, they really are!

I think that’s it for announcements. If you have any questions, please let me know!

Ms. Marshall



Feb 26-March 2 February 28, 2018

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Hey everyone! Happy hump day- only two more wake-ups this week!

Just a few notes:

-Please make sure your child’s guided reading book comes back on Thursdays as we need to share these with other groups.

-Tomorrow we will be going to the school book fair at 9 AM. Those of you who sent in money today, we have set that aside for tomorrow. If you would like to send in money for your child, you have another day!

-Report cards go home tonight! Parent teacher interviews tomorrow night, so if you have any questions, please bring them along with you.

-Remember no school on Friday due to parent teacher interviews, and no school on TUESDAY due to a professional development day.

-Thank you all for practicing letters with your child at home. We have switched up our letter instruction and it’s been a shift for some of us. This extra practice at home is really showing in their work at school. So, again, Thank You!

Have a great rest of the week!

Ms. Marshall


A peak into some of our literacy learning!