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Changing Colors October 25, 2016

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Dear Moms and Dads,

We made a slide show about our book this week called Changing Colors. First we made signs that told what color the leaves were. Then some of us held up the signs and some of us held the colored leaves. Then we acted out the story by throwing the leaves into a pile. At the end we all jumped in. Mrs. Marshall took our pictures while we did this and put it on a slide show. We wanted to share that slide show with you!




October 24-26 October 24, 2016

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Reminder that this is a short week, only Monday-Wednesday due to the PEITF fall conference on Thursday and Friday. Even though it’s short, we have good stuff to do:

Book: Changing Colours

Letter: D

Sight words can, see, the, and

Math: numbers to 5

Special Notes:

Parent/Teacher interviews are coming up. Please be looking for the form in your child’s homework bag. If the time assigned doesn’t work for you and your family, please let me know as soon as possible and we can change it.

WIFI: our school will be switching over to WIFI around the time of Parent/Teacher interviews. Because of the transition, we will not have access to technology/internet on one of those days. More information will follow.

Halloween: We will be having our Halloween Party during the second part of our morning (10:45-12:15). Please send your child’s costume with them and we will change right after recess. We will change back to our regular clothes just before the second recess. We have Phys. Ed. in the afternoon that day.

Pictures from last week:

A giant water beetle came to visit last week. We let him go far away from the school!

We spent a lot of time exploring pumpkins. We learned that they float and that they have up to 200 seeds inside of them! We painted with the “meat” of the pumpkin.

We took notes of what we learned on Friday. F is for Feet and E is for Egg. We built bridges and we made masks. In November we will begin a unit based on the works of Mo Willems.


20160803_164014.jpg This picture was taken this summer when the Cubs beat the Marlins at Wrigley. #FlyTheW

In case you missed it, the Chicago Cubs are playing in the World Series for the first time in 71 years. Yes, there were tears shed at my house on Saturday night!!!

Have a great week! Tuesday is Game 1!

Mrs. Marshall


October 17-21 October 17, 2016

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We had a lot of fun last week!

The Teddy Bear Clinic was a great time. Our stuffies were weighed and measured, diagnosed, and given “medicine”. The student nurses did a great job.

We’ve been thinking about all kinds of lines, straight, squiggly, zig zag, etc. We were able to put all of that into practice when we watched “Art Hub for Kids” on YouTube and learned how to draw pumpkins and apples. We will continue to use these lines as we start letter printing this week.

We used our five senses to make and taste applesauce. This is always a fun activity, and today we also wrote down “instructions” on how to make it. We took a poll to see who liked it and who didn’t (8 said yes, 5 said no).

This week we’ll have some more fun! We’ll be discovering with pumpkins, learning about printing our letters and learning about the letters F and E. We’ll also add the sight word “and” to our sight word bank (see, can, the, and). We will be reading the book Pumpkin, Pumpkin.

In math we will continue to explore numbers 1-5 through a variety of means, including five frames, dice, counting sets, and playing games.

Today we also had a school bus safety presentation from Ms. Mullen-Doyle

We watched a video about school bus safety, and we did some role playing around the subject.

Just a reminder that next week there is no school on Thursday or Friday (Oct. 27-18) due to the PEITF fall conference. This week though, it’s five full days of fun!

Have a great week and GO CUBS!


Mrs. Marshall


Teddy Bear Clinic October 12, 2016

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Thursday is Teddy Bear Clinic day with the Student Nurses from UPEI. Please send a teddy/stuffed animal/doll with your child


E-Mails and other things October 11, 2016

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Just a couple of things I forgot when I did the blog–

As I was getting ready to set up a class e-mail list, I noticed I am missing a few e-mails. If you have never e-mailed me, I was wondering if you could do that so I could add your e-mail to my list? Sometimes it’s easier to send out a mass e-mail than to go to the blog to pass on information. And while we are on the subject- some of you checked off that you would like a paper copy of the school newsletter. That goes out to everyone who has given their e-mail to the school. If you would like to discontinue the paper version, please let me know. The school spends a tremendous amount of money on paper, so the more we can go paperless, the better. Thanks!


I wanted to add a few pictures from last week. We have begun “Author’s Chair”. This is a fun time of the day when some of us who have written a story get a chance to share with the class. It’s always enjoyable to see what our friends have written.

This past week we also began playing with the classroom instruments as well as adding painting to our daily choices. Creative Development is an important part of kindergarten, and I love to showcase our growth in this area!


October 10-14

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I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was enjoyable and restful! My daughter was home from university over the weekend, so it was busy at our house. I’m really looking forward to this week, we have some fun activities planned for the month of October.

We will be spending more time focusing on our fine motor skills. This week we will be talking about lines, all different kinds of lines and how to make them. All of this helps us to be stronger writers.

We have begun our “writers workshop” in earnest this month. At this point in the year we are talking about different ways to tell a story, and right now we focus on using pictures to tell our story. We are encouraged to use details and lots of colour so that our “readers” can read our stories.

Our sight words will continue to be see and the. And we will be reading a book about Spiders this week.

We will use our five senses to explore with apples, making apple sauce and having an apple taste test.

In math we are exploring the concepts of counting and breaking a number into two parts and naming those parts (5= 2  and 3, 1 and 4, etc).

Wednesday is the last day to bring in food for the food drive! Here’s to another great week!

Mrs. Marshall


October 3-7 October 3, 2016

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We’ve made it to the first week of October! Our routines are in place, we are used to the Kindergarten day, and we’ve already had lots of fun. Here’s what’s happening this week:

We will continue with our exploration of the Five Senses. Our big book this week is A Lion’s Tale, which is a fun story about a lion and how he uses his five sense. We will add the word “the” to our sight word list, and we will continue to work on our Alphabet review (letters RSTUV this week).

In math we will continue to explore with our many ways to count.

Here are some pictures of our week last week:

Learning about different ways to count: 1:1, subitizing, number identification

Exploring with our Five Senses, and adding pages to our science journal

Extra notes to be aware of:

Dear Parents & Caregivers,

Once again this year, our school has decided to participate in the FCC Drive Away Hunger program by collecting donations of food for people who are hungry in our area. By participating in this program, FCC will include our school in two draws for a $500 donation to be used to make improvements at the winning schools.

We invite you to send a food item to school with your child between Tuesday, October 4th and Wednesday, October 12th to support this program. On Wednesday, October 12th, we will draw for two classes to come to the lobby and help weigh and load the food items onto the FCC wagon.  For more information on FCC Drive Away Hunger, visit

Below is a list of most needed food items according to Food Banks Canada:

  • pasta products and rice
  • canned meats and fish
  • dry and canned soups and stews
  • canned fruits and vegetables
  • flour
  • breakfast cereal
  • canned/powdered milk
  • fruit juices
  • pasta sauce
  • beans and legumes
  • infant formula and baby food

Thank you for your support. Working together, we can drive away hunger!

Reminder that Thanksgiving is next Monday, so there will be no school then.

Here’s to a great week ahead for us!

Mrs. Marshall