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Community April 22, 2012

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What is community?  It is a group of people who live together, work together, and celebrate each others victories.  In Kindergarten, we are a community.  We work together, we help each other out, we celebrate big and small victories.  When some of us complete a puzzle, it is like the whole class has completed that puzzle together, we celebrate and we are all excited.  When we celebrate, we give ourselves a pat on the back and we say, “Good job self!”  Then we pat our friend on the back and say, “Good job, friend!”:

Last week we read the story,  911 Quack!  the story of a mother duck and her 8 baby ducklings.  As they were walking to the park, the ducklings fell into the storm sewer.  What is a mother duck to do? Well, she must get them out!

Before we finished the story, KD had some ideas about what we would do if we were to get the ducklings out:

In the science area, two friends worked together to build a crane from shells to get out the ducklings.

In the language arts area, four friends drew a picture of a tow truck pulling out the ducklings.

In the block area, four friends built a crane and a pet truck to get out the ducklings.

In the art area, two friends painted a picture of the mommy duck flying in and rescuing her babies one at a time.

In math, two friends used the pattern blocks to build a crane.

And in sand, two friends build the sewer and the ducks and rescued the babies.

We work together to problem solve, to come up with solutions to a variety of situations we encounter during the day, figuring out a math problem, or how to get ducklings out of a sewer grate.  Community.  It’s what Kindergarten is all about!