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Draw a Ghost October 26, 2012

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On Monday I gave the children a piece of black construction paper and white chalk. I instructed them to draw a ghost. I gave them an example of how I would draw a ghost if I were going to do this. That is all I told them. When they come in to school on Monday they are going to find out why they had to draw a ghost. Because you parents won’t get to see the final results I thought I would give you another sneak peak into the classroom:


Sneak Peak

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For the past few weeks we have been talking and reading about pumpkins and plants. We spoke about seeds and how plants grow. We read books about the life cycle of pumpkins. I brought in some pumpkin vines from my garden showing a few stages of the growth of the pumpkin:

One way to extend this learning is through creative development. So we talked it over as a group and decided to create a Vegetable Stand. The children gave the ideas for what would go into the stand and as a class we created the signs. Today I transformed our housekeeping centre into our stand. Here are a few pictures:

I can’t wait until Monday to see where all of this will take us!

Mrs. Marshall