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How do we measure up? January 19, 2013

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3.1: compare two objects based on a single attribute, such as length (height), mass (weight), and volume (capacity).


For the past few weeks we have been investigating Penguins. The Emperor Penguin has been the one penguin we have learned the most about so far. One thing that has intrigued us the most is the size of the Emperor Penguin, the largest of all of the penguin species. As Kindergarteners, size is a relative issue. When we learn that the Emperor Penguin can be 115 cm that is interesting, but we don’t quite understand what that means. That is one reason we measure. When we hear it, it seems nice, but not relative. When we see it, we are impressed, but it is still not quite relevant. But, when we measure ourselves compared to the penguin, when we measure other objects compared to the penguin, then we get it. Then it matters. Then, we are impressed!

So, how do we measure up to the Emperor Penguin?



The first thing we did was to compare ourselves to a life-size replica of an Emperor Penguin.

Then, we compared other items in the room to the penguin. We cut strings 115 cm long, broke off into pairs and explored the room!



The sandbox


Cardboard posts (to be used for what? we’re not sure yet, but they’ll be useful somehow!).


The pocket chart


The broomstick


The writing table


The kitchen set


The science shelf

Also: the top step, from the door to the daily schedule board, the math table, and the easel all measure up to the Emperor Penguin!

Can you think of anything else?


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