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See it, build it, draw it February 11, 2013

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We have been having some fun in the block area this past week. I wanted to provide some inspiration to those that like to play in that area so I created a class book entitled, Can You Build It? I printed off pictures of famous buildings from around the world and put them together as a challenge. Can they build it? Once it is built, I think it is important that they draw what they have built. Starting this next week, they will be writing about what they build as well.

This type of activity provides a variety of learning opportunities. From observational skills, to learning about shapes, to learning about physics and gravity. Once they begin writing about what the built and drew, then they will be adding more of our literacy outcomes to the activity.

This also gives us a chance to work on some of our social and problem solving skills. When we are working together, we have to learn to negotiate. These boys were having a discussion about what they should add to the structure. Taking a vote among friends was the best way to solve their differences. There was know yelling or crying. They knew that the vote was the fairest way to settle their disput. Wouldn’t it be nice if we adults worked that well together?





After they had build their structure, they sketched their results:




Here are some of our final works:


The Willis/Sears Tower in Chicago


The CN Tower in Toronto

Integrated curriculum in Kindergarten is more than taking a theme and using that in all of our centres. It is taking a concept, an idea, or an outcome and combining them together with meaningful learning opportunities. When we are drawing and writing about our work we are practicing our learning concepts and documenting our learning for others. Block play, Dramatic play, and Sand play are just as important learning tools in kindergarten as paper and pencil. It is through play that we learn new concepts. It is through play that we learn social skills. It is through play that we reinforce our learning. Play is more than a child’s work, play is the way we as humans learn. Play is important at all ages and stages. Play is important.


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