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Weekly Update Sept. 30-Oct. 4 September 30, 2013

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Hello Parents!

Here is a brief summary for the week ahead:
Monday is Day 5 in the cycle.

We are still working with the word ‘can’, and will focus on the letter D. Our book of the week is “See What I Can Do”. In math we continue with our work with numbers 1-5. We have begun our Writers Workshop time, the class is really enjoying creating and writing books. I am sure you will be seeing some as they begin to bring them home.

We will make another attempt at our field trip this Wednesday. If it rains, then we will go on Friday. If you haven’t returned the second permission slip, please do so before Wednesday!

On Friday our “Artist In Residence” comes to visit again. We had a great time with movement and dance the last time, I am looking forward to her visit again.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall


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