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How to make applesauce October 28, 2013

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Making applesauce is always a fun treat in Kindergarten. We work together to peel the apples and add the ingredients. It makes the classroom smell so good as it cooks all day. It is one of the most complete ways we can discover using our 5 senses: We taste the apples, we feel how they spin going through the “machine”, we see the red, look for bad spots or worm holes, we hear the crunch of the apples as they go through the slicer, we smell the apples cooking in the slow cooker. When we finished making the apple sauce, we used our writing workshop time to write about how to make applesauce. What I noticed the most was how much more complete our writing was when we had a specific task we were writing about. We had a recent memory to use in our representation. It gave us a focus that we haven’t had before. When we, as a class, sat down to talk about this activity, these are the steps we came up with:

First, you need to choose your apples very carefully:




Second, you need to peel, slice and core them:







Third, put them in a slow cooker:



Then, “carefully” measure out the brown sugar and cinnamon:



Let it simmer all day (makes the room smell yummy too!):



Let it cool, blend it up and taste it!





October 28-November 1

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Wowzers. Halloween is this week and then it’s November! Crazy! Time just seems to go faster and faster. Here’s what’s on tap for the week:

Sight words: Can, See, You, The (new word)

Letter: R

We will be exploring more with pumpkins and using that knowledge in many areas including literacy, science, and math.

Number: 5

Halloween Party on Thursday. Originally we were going to have our party in the afternoon, but it looks as if we may be having a fun assembly then. So, we will be having our party between the two recesses (10:45-12:00). We will change into our costumes after recess. 

Other happenings:
Be looking for Parent Teacher interview times. The slips will go home on Monday. If the time assigned does not work for you, please let me know and we will see what I can do. If needed, we can meet on another day after school.

Tuesday is picture re-take day. If you are planning to have your child’s picture re-taken, just follow the instructions on the package.

Here’s to a fun week!

Mrs. Marshall


October 21-25 October 21, 2013

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After last weeks short week, we are ready to get going! Here is a quick glimpse of our week:

Letter- B

Sight words- can, see, you

Number- 4

We are finishing up apples (we made applesauce today) and will be talking a little more about pumpkins.

On Friday Ms. Maria will be here for more dance fun!

Today we watched a short video clip by “Kid President”. It was a pep talk to teachers and students, and one thing he stressed was making the world more awesome. So, today we have been talking about how we can be more awesome and what we can do to make our class more awesome. The kids really enjoyed this. Here is the link to that video if you want to watch it yourselves at home:

Next Thursday is Halloween and we will be having our party in the afternoon. Please send your child’s costume with them and we will change right after lunch. If anyone is wanting to bring in treats, we have 16 students in our class. Fruit and vegetables are always welcome! Please remember our school is a nut/peanut free zone. Thanks!

Here are some notes for upcoming events:

Oct. 28 – Parent Teacher interview times to be sent home

Oct. 29 – Picture retake day

Nov. 4 – Dental clinic begins (more information to come)

Nov. 7 – Remembrance Day Assembly

Nov. 7 – Parent Teacher conferences (evening)

Nov. 8 – Parent Teacher conferences (day-no school)

Nov. 15 & 16 – Christmas Craft Fair at Stratford Elementary

Nov. 22 – Collaborative Team Day – no school

Have a great week and I will try to upload some more pictures to show off some of our Fall Work!


Try this link… October 15, 2013

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I just clicked on the link I shared with you about supporting your child’s writing at home and it didn’t work. Try this link instead:



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Short week this week, but one filled with lots of fun learning! Today we went on a nature walk and used our 5 senses to discover the world. We also gathered many pine cones, leaves, etc. to add not only to our science area, but also to use in our math and literacy areas as well. It was great to get out in the fresh air and explore some of the grounds surrounding our school.

This week we will review the words see, can, and I will be adding you for next week. In math we will be reviewing the numbers 1-3.

We will be making applesauce tomorrow and taste testing the difference between apple juice and apple cider.

We have been discovering fall and apples so far this month, and will continue with pumpkins as well. So many wonderful curricular connections!

Just a few extra notes:

1. I have noticed some of us are bringing mini-sticks to school. Just to let you know that Kindergarten does not play mini-sticks on the playground. If your child is bringing one, it stays in their back pack until they go home. I have not had a problem with this in the classroom, I just wanted to clarify that the children are not allowed to play with these during the day.

2. Some of us are bringing other toys from home. This is ok, but they are only taken out during recess and your child is responsible for them. If they get lost, stolen, or broken, it is not the responsibility of the school.

3. I came across a great article for parents to help support your child with writing at home. Please take a look, it is only 1 page but has lots of great information!‑and‑development/reading‑writing/support‑writing‑home#sthash.uTpZj3ea

4. If any of you are selling or know of someone selling Girl Guide cookies, please let me know! It is very important! OK, maybe not very important, but I do love the thin mints!

5. Parent Teacher Interviews are coming up. If you have a preferred time (right after school, on Friday during the day, Thursday evening, etc), please let me know and I will try to accommodate you.


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy the rest of the week,

Mrs. Marshall



Artist in Residence October 6, 2013

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Wanted to share some photos with you from our dance sessions with our “Artist in Residence” Maria Brychuk. She is a wonderful dance instructor and the children are loving having the time to learn about dance from her! The first session she gave us some basics of the history of dance and during our second session we learned about dances of the Inuit and the Acadians. 

As she was leaving she told me how much she loves our class! She said, “They are good kids. You can tell they are friends and they respect each other!” What a fabulous complement! As I was speaking with Mrs. Ellis, our music teacher, she said the same thing! What a wonderful example these children are setting! They should all be so proud, I know I am!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall


October 7-11

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Hello Parents! Can you believe October is in to its second week! Crazy how time flies. Here is our plan for the week:

In Language Arts we are looking at the book “Going for a Walk With Grandpa”. A story of a little girl who goes to the park with her grandfather in all of the seasons. It’s a great way to incorporate our five senses/science with literacy.

In Math we will look at making sets of 3 as well as the numbers that help create 3 (1 &2; 3&0).

In science we will look at the colours of fall and creating those colours as well as the signs of fall.

Here is some important information to know:

Please remember that next week we are only in school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday is Thanksgiving and Thursday and Friday are the annual PEITF conference.

Food Drive We will be holding a food drive for the Food Bank the week of October 7-11. Staff and students are encouraged to bring in non-perishable food items.

Wednesday: International Walk to School Day

Thanksgiving Assembly in the afternoon