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Quick Update October 1, 2013

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Hello Parents!

Just a few things I forgot to put in the weekly update on Sunday.

1. There was a calendar sent home for the month of October. It is the October Show and Share Schedule. Your child has been assigned a day to have show and share. I will try to remind each student the day before when it is their turn, but if you could remind them as well they would love that!

2. Fine Motor/Handwriting- We have begun the handwriting portion of our Kindergarten year. I am reminding the children about the proper finger grip. We try to use the tripod grip if at all possible. The reason for this is the stronger the grip the student has on the pencil/marker/crayon, the stronger their writing and drawing are, and the more stamina they have for writing. If you see your child colouring or writing at home and notice their grip of the utensil is off, please remind them to use a proper grip. For most of us, it is no problem. For some of us, we just need a quick reminder.

I will say I am very impressed with our fine motor control (the fine motor muscles are those muscles in our hands and fingers). We are great colourers and cutters, so moving into handwriting has been a very smooth transition!

Thanks for all of your help at home!

Mrs. Marshall


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