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October15,16 October 15, 2013

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Short week this week, but one filled with lots of fun learning! Today we went on a nature walk and used our 5 senses to discover the world. We also gathered many pine cones, leaves, etc. to add not only to our science area, but also to use in our math and literacy areas as well. It was great to get out in the fresh air and explore some of the grounds surrounding our school.

This week we will review the words see, can, and I will be adding you for next week. In math we will be reviewing the numbers 1-3.

We will be making applesauce tomorrow and taste testing the difference between apple juice and apple cider.

We have been discovering fall and apples so far this month, and will continue with pumpkins as well. So many wonderful curricular connections!

Just a few extra notes:

1. I have noticed some of us are bringing mini-sticks to school. Just to let you know that Kindergarten does not play mini-sticks on the playground. If your child is bringing one, it stays in their back pack until they go home. I have not had a problem with this in the classroom, I just wanted to clarify that the children are not allowed to play with these during the day.

2. Some of us are bringing other toys from home. This is ok, but they are only taken out during recess and your child is responsible for them. If they get lost, stolen, or broken, it is not the responsibility of the school.

3. I came across a great article for parents to help support your child with writing at home. Please take a look, it is only 1 page but has lots of great information!‑and‑development/reading‑writing/support‑writing‑home#sthash.uTpZj3ea

4. If any of you are selling or know of someone selling Girl Guide cookies, please let me know! It is very important! OK, maybe not very important, but I do love the thin mints!

5. Parent Teacher Interviews are coming up. If you have a preferred time (right after school, on Friday during the day, Thursday evening, etc), please let me know and I will try to accommodate you.


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy the rest of the week,

Mrs. Marshall



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