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November 25-29 November 25, 2013

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Quick update for the week:
Letter- C

Sight Words- the, my, we

We are still talking about wants and needs, focusing on what we need.

Things to look forward to:
Christmas Concert December 4 at 4:30

Report Cards December 13

School Skate/Class Christmas Party/Last Day of Classes: Dec. 20


Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall


November 18-22 November 19, 2013

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OOPS! I usually post the update on Sunday, but I put it off until Monday and then realized today (Tuesday) that I forgot! Sorry about that.

Here’s what’s happening in KD this week:
Discussing the difference between “needs” and “wants” and how we can help others.

Letter is N, sight words are the, my, we

In math we are continuing to review part/part/whole and introducing the concept of patterns.

Also, we have been very creative in the block area building a variety of ramps. We are going to be continuing with this, and some of the children wanted to bring in some car ramps. I told them that if they wanted to, and it was ok with mom and dad, they could bring them in.

Remember it is another short week, with a teachers development day on Friday (no school).

Things to look forward to:

Thursday, November 21 The Music Man will be here in the gym from 6:00-7:00.
December 4 at 4:30 is our class Christmas concert. This will last approximately 30 minutes. It will just be our class, which is different from some past years. We did this last year and it worked out very well as it gives parents and other family members a chance to see their own child.

December 13- Report cards go home

December 20- Last day of school before Christmas break. We will be going skating at the Pownal rink and having our class party that day. Please note: your child needs a hockey/skating helmet to participate. More information will be going home.

Have a great rest of the week!

Mrs. Marshall



November 12-15 November 12, 2013

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Hello Parents,

We are getting ready for another great week in Kindergarten. First off, I would like to thank all of you for coming to parent teacher interviews. Thank you for all of your input and encouragement. It seems crazy, but there are only 5 more weeks until Christmas break! It will go by so fast, but I am looking forward to all of the fun and learning that will happen.

Here is what is on tap for the week:

We will be going through the big book, “Sing, Sing, Sing a Song” which is about a family of tigers and all of the things they do together. Our new sight word will be “the” and our letter will be M.

In Math we will work on the various ways of creating sets of 5 and will continue to work on subitation (recognizing  a set at a glance- as on a dice).

In science we have made some “discovery bottles”. These are plastic bottles filled with a variety of liquids and objects. We have a tornado bottle, an ocean scene bottle, and a rain bottle. We are hoping to create a wave bottle this week.

We will be learning some songs from the Maritimes, such as Lukey’s Boat, I’se the B’y, and Tell Me Ma. I am looking forward to this! I have been learning to play the ukulele and I am looking forward to playing along.

Dates to Remember:
Thursday- Teddy Bear Clinic (you should have received a note about this. If you didn’t, please let me know!)

Friday/Saturday- Christmas Craft Fair at Stratford Elementary

December 4- Christmas Concert (I am pretty sure it is at 4:30, but I will let you know for sure this week).

I think that’s about it for now! Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall


November 4-8 November 3, 2013

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Hello Parents,

Hopefully you were able to see the last two entries that were just posted. We had a great time leading up to Halloween, and a great Halloween day. Thanks to all who sent in treats! We loved it!

Here is what is on tap for the week:

We are going to stick with the letter R at least for the beginning of the week. We may add M to the list by Wednesday, it depends on how we are doing. We will also be staying with the sight word you. With all of the excitement last week, I feel that we could all use a little more work with these 2 things.

In math we will begin to explore the numbers 1-5 in a more abstract way. Up until now we were dealing with 1-5 as counting and recognizing the numbers and amounts at a glance. Both recognizing the numerals 1-5 but also recognizing them in sets such as on a dice, or in similar arrangements. Now we will be thinking more of the numbers as being made up of more than one number. For instance, 5 can be made up of 2 and 3, or 4 and 1, etc.

We will be talking about Canada and Remembrance Day this week as well. We will also be exploring the Maritimes in particular as well as the music of the Maritimes. As a class, we really enjoy singing, so this will be a natural extension of what we are already doing. This also fits in to our Social Studies outcomes that deal with becoming aware of our community.

Here are some dates to be aware of:

Monday: Dental Clinic begins

Home and School will be making Smoothies and delivering them to the Kindergarten during Snack time.

Wednesday: Lockdown Practice at 9:00 am (I will be sending an attachment to your e-mail regarding the Lockdown Drill). Unfortunately, this is something we need to practice, just as we need to practice a fire drill. The important thing to remember is for us, as adults, to stay positive and encouraging. The children tend to accept this as just another drill to practice, with little to no anxiety. When discussing the lockdown drill with the students, I phrase it: “Sometimes we need to practice getting out of the building fast, like in the fire drill, and sometimes we need to practice staying in our classrooms as quiet as possible.” Children are very accepting of this.

Thursday: Remembrance Day assembly in gym at 11:00

Thursday Evening/Friday: Parent Teacher Interviews (no school on Friday)

Monday, Nov. 11- No School Remembrance Day

November 15-16- Christmas Craft Fair at Stratford Elementary

Nov. 22- No School, PD day

December 4- Class Christmas Concert (this will be early evening, more information to come!)

Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall




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Hi Parents,

I wanted to post a few photo’s from our Halloween party. It was the best kind of party, food, dancing, and costumes! We sure enjoyed the day!


A lot of great treats!GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Some of the cute juice boxes!GE DIGITAL CAMERA

It’s always a good time when you can have a picnic!

Thank you to all of the parents who sent in treats! We enjoyed them very much!


Pumpkin Discoveries

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Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins! We have been using our 5 senses to explore pumpkins in Kindergarten this week. We made estimations about how big around a pumpkin was, we weighed pumpkins, we even made predictions about whether or not a pumpkin could float. Some of us had planted pumpkins in our gardens this year, so we could talk about what a pumpkin looks like when it is growing on a vine. One of our favourite discoveries to learn was that some pumpkins are blue! The best part of pumpkin discovery though is being able to cut open that pumpkin and really dig our hands in to scoop it out! When we are able to bring nature into the classroom we are able to connect with the natural world. We are able to become more aware of the food that we consume. We realize that we are a part of a larger system than just our own “world”. It makes us more aware of our place in the eco-system.


Making predictions about whether a pumpkin can float.


Finding out a pumpkin CAN float! (some of us wanted to change our answer, but it was too late!).

GE DIGITAL CAMERADrawing faces on the pumpkin.


Weighing the pumpkin.



Eyeing the pumpkin to make the prediction. Taking the string and estimating how much it would take to go around the pumpkin- Without touching the pumpkin!


Taping the prediction to the chart.


Digging out the pumpkin


Happy and Scary!