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November 4-8 November 3, 2013

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Hello Parents,

Hopefully you were able to see the last two entries that were just posted. We had a great time leading up to Halloween, and a great Halloween day. Thanks to all who sent in treats! We loved it!

Here is what is on tap for the week:

We are going to stick with the letter R at least for the beginning of the week. We may add M to the list by Wednesday, it depends on how we are doing. We will also be staying with the sight word you. With all of the excitement last week, I feel that we could all use a little more work with these 2 things.

In math we will begin to explore the numbers 1-5 in a more abstract way. Up until now we were dealing with 1-5 as counting and recognizing the numbers and amounts at a glance. Both recognizing the numerals 1-5 but also recognizing them in sets such as on a dice, or in similar arrangements. Now we will be thinking more of the numbers as being made up of more than one number. For instance, 5 can be made up of 2 and 3, or 4 and 1, etc.

We will be talking about Canada and Remembrance Day this week as well. We will also be exploring the Maritimes in particular as well as the music of the Maritimes. As a class, we really enjoy singing, so this will be a natural extension of what we are already doing. This also fits in to our Social Studies outcomes that deal with becoming aware of our community.

Here are some dates to be aware of:

Monday: Dental Clinic begins

Home and School will be making Smoothies and delivering them to the Kindergarten during Snack time.

Wednesday: Lockdown Practice at 9:00 am (I will be sending an attachment to your e-mail regarding the Lockdown Drill). Unfortunately, this is something we need to practice, just as we need to practice a fire drill. The important thing to remember is for us, as adults, to stay positive and encouraging. The children tend to accept this as just another drill to practice, with little to no anxiety. When discussing the lockdown drill with the students, I phrase it: “Sometimes we need to practice getting out of the building fast, like in the fire drill, and sometimes we need to practice staying in our classrooms as quiet as possible.” Children are very accepting of this.

Thursday: Remembrance Day assembly in gym at 11:00

Thursday Evening/Friday: Parent Teacher Interviews (no school on Friday)

Monday, Nov. 11- No School Remembrance Day

November 15-16- Christmas Craft Fair at Stratford Elementary

Nov. 22- No School, PD day

December 4- Class Christmas Concert (this will be early evening, more information to come!)

Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall



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