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December 20 December 19, 2013

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This month has gone by way too fast! All of the sudden, tomorrow is the last day of school before the break. Crazy! We had a great walk over to Andrews Lodge today to sing to the residents there. The kids did fantastic and even socialized with some of the people. It went so well we, along with Ms. Malone’s class, are thinking of going over more in the new year. Maybe spend some time doing some crafts or reading.

Tomorrow we are going skating. The bus will be leaving around 9:00 and we will be on the ice from 9:30 to 10:30. If you have the time, please feel free to join us!

In the afternoon we will be having our Christmas party. (and here is where I have been VERY unorganized- so sorry!) If any of you were planning to send in treats, please feel free!!! If you weren’t planning on it, no pressure! It’s the last day and we want to have a great send off for everyone before the new year.

Speaking of the new year, we will begin some new activities. One of the biggest additions to our day will be Guided Reading. This is exciting for all of us as we will begin the process of learning to read. 

Looking forward to a restful break and an exciting new year!

Mrs. Marshall


Wednesday December 17, 2013

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A note has gone home today letting you know that we will be having a pajama day as a fundraiser for the MacDonald family. Paul MacDonald, the father of 2 Glen Stewart children, passed away suddenly on Friday. We, as a school community, would like to hold a fundraiser for the family. So, tomorrow (Wednesday), or Thursday, if the promised storm hits us, we will be having a pajama day. Please feel free to have your child come in pajamas and all students and staff are asked to bring in a  donation of your choice for the family.


Carrie Marshall


PS, please make sure your child’s report card and permission slips have been turned in!


December 16-20 December 16, 2013

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What a way to start the week, a 1 hour delay. Luckily it doesn’t take us too long to adjust to the change in the schedule for the day.

Here is what is happening this week:
Math- continue patterns

Language Arts- Letter S, Sight Word review, Stories: Christmas stories

I will be sending permission slips home today. 1 for Skating on Friday and 1 for a walk to Andrews Lodge to sing Christmas Carols. Please sign and return these as soon as possible if your child will be going. Even if your child is not skating on Friday, but will still be here the slip needs to be signed because they will still be going to the rink to watch.

Events for the week:
Thursday- We leave at 9:30 to walk to Andrews Lodge to sing Christmas Carols. We will be walking back and should be here around 11. Please ensure that your child is here on time.

Friday-Skating We will be skating from 9:30-10:30 in the Stadium. Buses will leave around 9:00. Again, please ensure your child is at school on time. Any parents who wish to join us on Friday are more than welcome!

Report Cards: Please note that you only need to sign and return the slip in the report card. The report is yours to keep! If I could have all of those back by Friday that would be super!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall



December 9-13 December 10, 2013

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2 full weeks of school left before the break, the kids are getting excited! Here’s what is going on this week:

Making a lot of “winter” type pictures. Today we made “snow globes” I’ll be making a bulletin board with these, when it is finished, I’ll post a photo to the blog.

Letter: G

Sight Word: Review

Story: Winter/Christmas stories

Math: Patterns. We are making a pattern board. Hoping for a lot of great pictures. In science we will be looking for patterns in nature and sketching those as well. Patterns, patterns everywhere!

Report cards will be going home on Friday. Also, Music Man will be here Friday afternoon. Always love a good Music Man day!

December 20- Skate in the morning (I’m not sure of the exact time yet, will let you know when I know). Anyone who would like to join us is MORE than welcome!!!!

Also, we will be having our Christmas party in the afternoon of the 20th. 

Christmas break is December 20-January 1. Back to classes January 2!

Have a great week, any questions- please let me know!

Mrs. Marshall


December 2-6 December 2, 2013

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Three weeks until Christmas Break! Unbelievable, but here we are. Here is what is on deck for this week:

Letter: Q

Sight words: Review all sight words introduced so far

Book: Time to Sleep. Other stories about winter/hibernation

Math: Patterns

We are very “into” ramps in the block area still, enjoying building ramps and seeing how fast and how far both cars and balls can go down the ramps. It is so interesting to see the children building up each others’ knowledge in this area. In the sand box we are using natural elements such as rocks, sticks, shells, starfish, and pinecones, combined with some jewels, to create intricate designs. Both of these activities are more than what they may appear to be. These activities allow children to experiment with gravity, with design, with patterns, and with motion, in such a real way. No lesson taught by a teacher could give the children these hands on experiences.  I have taken some pictures and hope to post them later on this week.

Here are some other things to take note of:
First and Foremost the Holiday Concert is Wednesday at 4:30 in the library. As it will just be our class, there will be plenty of room for grandparents and other family members to attend. The children have been working very hard to be ready for this, I hope you can all attend!

Also on schedule:

December 13: Report Cards go home

December 20: School Skate, class holiday party, last day of classes before the break. Please note that your child will need a hockey helmet for the school skate. If this is an issue, please let me know. The permission slips will be sent home in the upcoming days. Also, if any of you would like to join us, please feel free! This is always a fun time for the children, and the more parents and people, the merrier!

Have a great week!
Mrs. Marshall