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Ramps and Such January 27, 2014

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From the beginning of the school year, many of us have been fascinated by ramps and building ramps. At first, I thought that would make a wonderful project for us. However, as I continued to observe, I realized there really wasn’t anything else I could add to the discovery. The children, on a daily basis, have helped each other build their knowledge of ramps, and what ramps can do. As I spoke with the children, I learned that they already knew a lot about ramps. They had already figured out which ramps made the cars go farther, faster, and how to build one with the proper incline for what they neededImage


At first, our ramps started out being built from the floor.




As time went on, the floor ramps became steeper, allowing for more force behind our vehicles.Image




Now, we have added a “blueprint wall”. Basically, I have put paper on the back side of the Kitchen centre and on an easel. Now, when we have finished building a ramp, we draw it on to the paper and we have a “blueprint” to copy for the next time.


The more we work on this, the more complex our ramps are becoming. Through all of this, the students are learning not only about force and motion and gravity, but about problem solving. About team work. About trial and error. These are what we call “21 Century Skills.” These are the skills we will need as we grow and mature, not only for school, but for life. 




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