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This week April 1, 2014

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Hello Parents,

Who would have thought when we went home from school on Tuesday last week, we would still be out a week later! Hopefully this is the end of this craziness! I wanted to give you a bit of an update for the rest of the week:
I am hoping to finish up our investigation into dinosaurs. We have been de-railed in this by a few things, I want to use what is left of the week to finish this up as there are other ideas to move on to.

In literacy we will be reading some more Elephant and Piggie books and looking to these as an example for our reading and our writing.  We will continue to review the sight words covered so far. By the end of April we will have been introduced to all of our sight words. We will also review the consonants. I hope to introduce vowels next week.

In math we will continue to investigate numbers to 10 and how we can construct and deconstruct them. Which is fancy talk for looking at a number concretely (using 10 objects to represent 10 for instance), and finding how many ways we can arrange the objects and still have 10 (6 and 4; 5 and 5; etc).

I sent an e-mail out yesterday regarding lunch orders. In case you didn’t receive it (I think it is lost in cyberspace, because I never received it), I wanted to let those of you who have ordered lunches over the past 5 days know that those lunch orders will be carried over to this week.

Take Note:
Wednesday is inside out and backwards day: donate a loonie or a toonie for Easter Seals. In regards to Easter Seals, please note the following:
The 2014 Easter Seals ambassador is Brett Robinson, a former Glen Stewart student. Brett will be here on April 15th at 8:40 a.m. We have the following fundraising activities planned: 1) Coin Collection – Staff and students are encouraged to donate spare change. Bins are in the front lobby and we have a thermometer set up indicating how much each grade level has contributed. 2) April 2nd – Inside/Out and backwards day – Staff and Students are encourage to wear their clothes inside out and backwards on this day and donate a $1 to Easter Seals. (Please note: this date has changed from April 1st due to school picture day being moved to April 1st.) 3) Easter Egg Jar Guess – Students are encouraged to guess how many Easter Eggs are in the jar. It will be .50 cents per guess with all money going to Easter Seals. On April 11th, we’ll be determining who the winner of the Easter Egg Jar contest is. 4) April 14th – Easter Basket Raffle ticket deadline. Raffle tickets can be purchased for $1/ticket.

Have a great day, and hopefully this is the last day of winter weather until December!!!!!

Mrs. Marshall



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