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May 12-16 May 12, 2014

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Hello Parents,

Can’t believe how time is winding down for us this year! But, there is still a lot more fun and learning to be had before we are finished! Here is what is on tap for the week:

We are combining math and literacy in an intentional way this week by finishing up our unit on numbers to 10 with the book, “The Number 10”. We have covered all but one sight word, so we will learn about ‘an’ this week and add it to our bank of sight words. From here on out, we will be focusing on sight word review. We continue to write and read each day.

In math we are finishing up our unit on numbers and will start a unit on measurement next week.

We have some plants to plant and watch grow. We will be keeping track of their growth throughout the next weeks.

Other notes to keep track of:

-It is that time of year, when we collect the school supplies fees for the 2014-2015 school year. The cost per child is $35.00. This fee can be paid on line on the following website: or you can send in the money to your homeroom teacher and they will issue a receipt. The deadline for school supply fees are Friday, June 6.

-We are once again collecting money to purchase prizes for our Spring Fling. Canadian Tire money can be placed in the bin outside the office door.

-If you are willing to donate to the Kindergarten basket to be raffled off during Spring Fling, the due date for products is May 22.

-June 6: Spring Fling

I think that is all for now! Have a  great week,

Mrs. Marshall



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