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Last Few Days of School June 23, 2014

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I can hardly believe that this is the last few days of school. What a great year it has been. I am so excited for your children as they are so ready for Grade 1! I wanted to let you know about the last day of school on Wednesday.

The class would like to have a party, so if any of you are interested in sending in a treat, please feel free. But also, PLEASE DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED! I know it is a crazy, busy time of year for many people!

Also, they said they would like to have a costume dress up day that day. I told them that it was up to their parents. So, if you don’t mind, and your child wants to, they can wear a dress-up outfit that day. I can tell you not everyone wants to participate in this, so it is totally OK if you or your child are not interested in doing this.

On the last day of school I will be sending home a portfolio of your child’s work throughout the year. Inside the bag will also be the report card. I hope you will take the time to go through this with your child and celebrate the growth they have demonstrated since September. I think you will be impressed at how much they have grown and changed in this short time.

Have a great week, and thank you all for the opportunity to teach your child in their first year of school. It has truly been  my honour and pleasure!



Subway Orders June 20, 2014

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For those of you who ordered Subway yesterday, those have been given to your child today. Just wanted to let you know!

Mrs. Marshall


Our Field Trip June 19, 2014

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There is only one thing to tell you about what we did on our field trip today. We RAN! We ran, and we ran, and we ran, and we ran. If your child went to bed and fell asleep like a rock, it is because they ran non-stop from the time we entered Avonlea Village until the time we left. And then we talked the WHOLE way back to school!

So, I guess you could say the trip was a success! Here are some of our favourite things:
The wagon ride

The animals

When Anne broke the slate over Gilbert’s head

The play


No one said it, but it was sure fun to watch them in the school room. It was interesting to see who wanted to be the teacher, who wanted to be the student, and what they thought “school’ was all about (sitting in desks, writing with chalk on the slates, ‘reading’ books.”

Here are some photos from the day:






Thanks to the mothers who could make it today! 

It has been a great year, and what a great way to finish up! Looking forward to the next 4 days!

Mrs. Marshall


Field Trip Postponed June 18, 2014

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In case you haven’t heard, the field trip has been postponed until Thursday. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Mrs. Marshall


Field Trip June 17, 2014

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We will be leaving the school at 8:45 Wed. morning, and will be returning just before it is time to go home. Remember to pack a lunch! If you are planning on going with us, you can meet us at Avonlea Village, or you can follow the bus.

Looking forward to an exciting day!

Mrs. Marshall


Winding Down

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Hello everyone,

The year is quickly winding down, so here are a few items to take note of:

Even though we are almost finished with school, we still have lots of learning fun to do. In math we are looking at measurement. In Language Arts we are reading a great book called Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road. It’s a cute play on the timeless joke- and it helps to reinforce rhyming. It’s a win-win!

Wednesday is our field trip. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, but if not, the raindate is Thursday. We will try to go unless it is pouring down rain!

Here are some notes- Sorry for the lateness:

On Tuesday, June 17th, we will be holding a popsicle fundraiser sale. This fundraiser is in support of the Pitre family. Bill Pitre, a former volunteer who ran our chess club, passed away last weekend, leaving his wife, Jennifer, a former member of our Home and School executive, as well as his two children, Ally in Grade 7 at Stonepark, and Henry in Grade 4 at Stratford Elementary. Both students are former Glen Stewart students. We are asking students to bring in a donation to support the family. In return for the donation, students will receive a popsicle. Thanks to everyone in advance for your support of this family!

Here’s to a great last full week of school!

Mrs. Marshall


June 2-6 June 2, 2014

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Welcome to June! Only 18 school days left, can you believe it? The children are all excited, but still showing such progress. You should all be proud of the growth your child has had this year, it has been phenomenal! Here is what is up for this week:

We are continuing our work with 3D shapes in math.

Our guided reading is beginning to wind down. This will be the last week books will go home. Don’t worry though, we will still be doing reading activities up until the end of the school year!

Writing continues to be a favourite literacy choice for most of us. I hope you have taken the time to read the books your child has been writing and bringing home. Remember where they were in September? Now look where they are! I am so impressed with their writing (and their reading!).

For our book this week we are reading “911 Quack” which is the true story of a mother duck whose ducklings have fallen into a sewer grate and need to be rescued.

Here are more things to take note of:

This Friday- Spring Fling! Volunteer forms are being sent home today. If you can help out, please return the form ASAP. Thanks!

June 18- Field trip to Avonlea Village. If any of you are interested in going, please let me know! We would be more than happy to meet you there!

June 25- Last day of school!

School Supply Fee

It is that time of year, when we collect the school supplies fees for the 2014-2015 school year. The cost per child is $35.00. This fee can be paid on line on the following website: or you can send in the money to your homeroom teacher and they will issue a receipt. The deadline for school supply fees are Friday, June 6.

 As always, have a great week! Enjoy the beautiful sunshine and warm weather– We’ve earned it after the winter and spring we’ve had!

If you have any questions, please ask!