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Winding Down June 17, 2014

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Hello everyone,

The year is quickly winding down, so here are a few items to take note of:

Even though we are almost finished with school, we still have lots of learning fun to do. In math we are looking at measurement. In Language Arts we are reading a great book called Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road. It’s a cute play on the timeless joke- and it helps to reinforce rhyming. It’s a win-win!

Wednesday is our field trip. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. Hopefully the weather will cooperate, but if not, the raindate is Thursday. We will try to go unless it is pouring down rain!

Here are some notes- Sorry for the lateness:

On Tuesday, June 17th, we will be holding a popsicle fundraiser sale. This fundraiser is in support of the Pitre family. Bill Pitre, a former volunteer who ran our chess club, passed away last weekend, leaving his wife, Jennifer, a former member of our Home and School executive, as well as his two children, Ally in Grade 7 at Stonepark, and Henry in Grade 4 at Stratford Elementary. Both students are former Glen Stewart students. We are asking students to bring in a donation to support the family. In return for the donation, students will receive a popsicle. Thanks to everyone in advance for your support of this family!

Here’s to a great last full week of school!

Mrs. Marshall


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