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Last Few Days of School June 23, 2014

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I can hardly believe that this is the last few days of school. What a great year it has been. I am so excited for your children as they are so ready for Grade 1! I wanted to let you know about the last day of school on Wednesday.

The class would like to have a party, so if any of you are interested in sending in a treat, please feel free. But also, PLEASE DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED! I know it is a crazy, busy time of year for many people!

Also, they said they would like to have a costume dress up day that day. I told them that it was up to their parents. So, if you don’t mind, and your child wants to, they can wear a dress-up outfit that day. I can tell you not everyone wants to participate in this, so it is totally OK if you or your child are not interested in doing this.

On the last day of school I will be sending home a portfolio of your child’s work throughout the year. Inside the bag will also be the report card. I hope you will take the time to go through this with your child and celebrate the growth they have demonstrated since September. I think you will be impressed at how much they have grown and changed in this short time.

Have a great week, and thank you all for the opportunity to teach your child in their first year of school. It has truly been  my honour and pleasure!



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