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Last Post from me until Sunday or Monday. I promise! October 30, 2014

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I wanted to share some pictures from pumpkin activities today, but first I have some exciting news! Tomorrow for lunch we will be having pizza! -No, we don’t know if we’ve won the door competition yet, but someone has generously offered to provide pizza for our class! So exciting (especially since Pizza is my favourite food group!).

Here are the pictures from today! Enjoy:





We weighed the pumpkin:


We took a vote to see if a pumpkin would float:


And then we filled up the sink to see if it would (it did!):


Later in the afternoon, we used string to measure around the pumpkin, then we saw what in our classroom was the same size as the pumpkin. The paper trash can, the compost can, the block shelf, and the ABC shelf.

Had a lot of fun, used some math and science, and it all equalled to a great day!


Halloween Fun! October 29, 2014

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Hello Parents,

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is Orange Day!

Also, we have been pretty busy over the last few days! Headed up by our EA, Melanie, we have been decorating our door for the Hot 105.5 Halloween Door competition!

Here’s what we did, and here’s hoping we win that pizza party!

1 2

Happy Halloween!

Mrs. Marshall


On Thursday we wear Orange October 27, 2014

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2 things:

1- the last post you received was labeled as a number because I forgot to put a title on it.  So, if you were afraid to open it because of “spam” don’t worry! It’s about making applesauce!


2. On Thursday this week we as a class have decided to wear something orange! They don’t need to be head to toe orange, but if they have something with orange have them wear it that day!
On Thursday Let’s Wear Orange!


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This past week we made applesauce in the classroom. We thought we would share a bit of this with you. First, this is our recipe for applesauce:

How to Make Applesauce By KD:

What you need:




What to Do:

1. Crush the apples

2. Put them in a pot

3. Pour water on the apples

4. Mix it

5. Eat it up!

Yum! Yum!

And now, here are the pictures from the process:

1. What you really need:

2. Peel the apples


3. Peel them until they are all finished


4. Here are the after effects of peeling!


5. Put them in a slow cooker on low all day




6. Add cinnamon and brown sugar to taste



7. Eat it up!






October 27-31

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I am sure next week will be a crazy week with Halloween on Friday. Here’s what you’ll need to know for that:
Please have your child bring their costume to school (it should fit in their kit bag, or a small carry on bag). We will be changing when everyone gets there. We will be wearing our costumes for the morning and changing just before the first Recess. We will be having our treats during that time and playing games as well. If it is an indoor recess, we will probably leave our costumes on a bit longer.

For the week ahead:

We will add the word DO to our sight word list. (See, Can, Do)

We will be learning the letter D

In Math we will work with numbers 1-3

We will be creating a lot of fall/Halloween themed crafts this week!

Parent Teacher interview forms will go home on Monday. Please don’t worry if the time allotted won’t work for you, just let me know and we can change it! I can also meet with you another time other than Thurs/Fri if needed! If possible, please return the slips by Wednesday so we can make sure our master list is updated ASAP! Thanks!

Have a great week!
Mrs. Marshall


October 20-24 October 21, 2014

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We have added a new word to our “secret password” frame: CAN. So, our passwords this week are SEE and CAN. We’ll be looking for them in all of the books we read!

We will begin handwriting this week. We will start with the letter F.

In math we continue to explore the numbers 1-5.

Parent/Teacher interviews are coming up Nov. 6/7. The notices will go home next Monday. Please let me know ASAP if the time assigned to you is not going to work so we can find a time that will! I am looking forward to meeting with all of you and discussing your child’s growth so far this term.

We will be making applesauce in class this week and we have begun thinking about pumpkins. I am looking forward to all of the activities we will be doing!

Have a great week, and as always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Mrs. Marshall


Encouraging literacy in kindergarten October 16, 2014

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It’s always so exciting to see when the children start to put what we’ve been talking about in class into their daily practice. Today during Learning Centre time, I told the class they could use the book “Changing Colors” and could use the special “teacher pointer” if they wanted. After a bit I went to check on them and this is what I saw.



During our Literacy time I have been telling the children about the “habits of good kindergarten readers”.

We know that in kindergarten we:   point to the words we are reading.

hop from word to word, we don’t slide our pointer finger under the words

use pictures to help us tell the story

Every day they never cease to amaze me how much they take in, and how excited they are about learning!