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Last Post from me until Sunday or Monday. I promise! October 30, 2014

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I wanted to share some pictures from pumpkin activities today, but first I have some exciting news! Tomorrow for lunch we will be having pizza! -No, we don’t know if we’ve won the door competition yet, but someone has generously offered to provide pizza for our class! So exciting (especially since Pizza is my favourite food group!).

Here are the pictures from today! Enjoy:





We weighed the pumpkin:


We took a vote to see if a pumpkin would float:


And then we filled up the sink to see if it would (it did!):


Later in the afternoon, we used string to measure around the pumpkin, then we saw what in our classroom was the same size as the pumpkin. The paper trash can, the compost can, the block shelf, and the ABC shelf.

Had a lot of fun, used some math and science, and it all equalled to a great day!


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