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Wear Red and Green Tomorrow December 22, 2014

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We will be having a RED AND GREEN day tomorrow, Dec. 23! Everyone wear Red and Green!


December 22-23

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Just 2 days left of school before Christmas. Should be fun!

We’re going to go over the letter Q, finish up our study of sound, vibration, and making instruments, and have a great time!

On Tuesday we will be having our Christmas party.

Also, I have some pictures and blog updates I will try to get to over the holidays. We’ve been having some fun in KD, and I’m hoping to be able to share it with you. Some of it depends on my technological expertise…

Here’s to a great 2 days coming!

Mrs. Marshall


Bowling December 15, 2014

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For those of you interested in helping out at bowling tomorrow, we will be at the Murphy Centre around 10:30 and staying until 11:30!

Come join us!


December 15-19

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Our last full week of school before our break is here! Crazy how time flies by so fast! Here’s what’s in store for the week:
-We will be finishing up the letter S today, and will cover Q and G this week and next.

-We will continue to review our sight words: see, can, do, the, and, to in

-We will expand more on sound this week by making musical instruments. Please see the blog post from last Friday if you would like to contribute any supplies!

Bowling on Tuesday! If you haven’t returned the form please let me know if your child will be going, and have the form returned by Tuesday morning. Also, if you have not paid the $3, please do so. If we don’t have a permission slip signed, your child cannot go, so please return it ASAP. Thanks!

Have a great week, and keep checking the blog for any new updates!

Mrs. Marshall


Musical Instruments December 12, 2014

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Next week we will be making musical instruments in class. If you have any of the following just “laying around” and would like to donate them, that would be fantastic!

Thanks in advance!

Mrs. Marshall

Kleenex boxes


Toilet paper/Paper towel rolls

Empty water bottles

Tooth picks

Rice/Dried beans

Plastic Straws


A fun video December 11, 2014

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Hi Parents,

Today we watched a quick 5 minute video about making a clarinet out of a carrot. It was really fun and interesting! The class thought we should share it with you, so here it is:


Remember tomorrow is National “Ugly” Christmas Sweater Day!


Mrs. Marshall




One More Thing! December 8, 2014

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Forgot to say that Friday is National Ugly Sweater Day! If you have one, wear it!

Also, this morning during our Morning Meeting we were talking about music and sound (the children were watching me tune my ukelele) and we thought it would be interesting to do a study on sound and music. I am very excited about this, so we will be adding this into our week, and we will stay with this project until we have decided we know all we want to! Stay “tuned” for updates about this!