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Snow Day Fun February 5, 2015

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So, it’s another storm day. I was looking for some things to do with the class and I came across this website, and thought I’d share:

It has lots of fun activities to fill in your day.

Here are some more:

We’ve been talking about the number 6 this week. Give your child 6 objects and you have 6 objects. See how many different ways you can arrange 6 (4 and 2, 3 and 3, etc.) You can do this with any number of objects. Keep in mind that in Kindergarten we want a really solid understanding of numbers to 10!

Give your child a pencil and some paper and let them write a letter, list, whatever they want! If they ask how to spell a word, remind them that in Kindergarten we stretch out words and write down the sounds we hear (because they know Mrs. Marshall won’t tell them how to spell it!).

Drawing pictures and colouring is always a good idea

Go out and play in the snow

When you are reading books together, or if they are just looking at books alone, have them point out the sight words they see. They can make a list of all of the sight words they find in their favourite story.

Can you think of any more? If you come across an interesting website or idea that you’d like to share, send me an e-mail and I can pass it on to everyone!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Marshall

PS, I sent an e-mail with the class names on it for Valentine’s Day. If you didn’t get that, please let me know and I can re-send it to you. We have 15 students.


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