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Healthy Eating. The Number 6 February 10, 2015

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On Monday, a representative from the Milk association came to talk to us about healthy eating using the Canada food guide. When we got back to the classroom for snack we talked about what kinds of food we have in our lunch boxes. It was good to see how many of us had a lot in the green section (fruits and vegetables) and the yellow section (grains). Lots of healthy eathing going on in KD!


In math, we focus on using “problem solving tasks” to help us understand the concepts. This week we were thinking about the number 6. One of our PST’s involved using 6 blocks to build a structure and then draw it on our paper. This is just one way we try to make math as relevant for our students as we can.

“I have 6 blocks. How many structures can I build with them?”


There are so many ways to think about numbers. Be looking and listening for your child to be talking about it as the weeks progress!
Have a great night!

Mrs. Marshall


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