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Part/Part/Whole: It’s a Math Thing March 28, 2015

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Kindergarten numeracy outcome 1.5 states: “show a given number as two parts concretely and name the two parts”

Here is one way we do this in Kindergarten.

First, we start with a stack of 8 two sided chips:


Then we lay them out in front of us, with all of the same colour showing:

IMG_1280 it doesn’t matter how they’re arranged, just that we know we have 8.

And slowly, one by one, we turn over the chips. We know we still have 8 (that’s called conservation- knowing that just because the arrangement changed, the number did not), but now we can see that 1 white and 7 red are still 8.


As the lesson proceeds, we begin to see how 1 number can be separated into 2 parts. Eventually we will begin to understand that this is addition and subtraction, but right now, it’s enough to know this aspect.

Kindergarten math is hands on, it’s concrete, and it’s understandable. It’s the foundation for future math learning and success. Oh, and it’s a l lot of fun, too!


March 26, 27 March 25, 2015

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IMG_1261 IMG_1260

Just a couple of shots of our front playground! Thought you might appreciate the view.

Tomorrow we will be back to class after our “extended” March Break. We’ll be using Thursday and Friday to review and re-establish our classroom routines. We have some fun new learning games ready to go.

We’ve finished up all of the alphabet except the vowels which we will focus on in April. We will also be working on matching and identifying both lower and upper case.

In math we will review numbers to 8 and in literacy we will review the sight words covered so far as well as finish up our Senses.

Just for you to make note: May 5 will be our Kindergarten Spring Concert. More information will be forthcoming, but I know the music teachers have been working hard planning it and it looks like a really good one! The only costume your child will need is a white t-shirt and jeans/overalls. The theme is around spring farming/gardening.

It sure will be nice to get back into a routine! I’ll bet we are all excited about that!

Have a great day,

Mrs. Marshall


March 9-13 March 9, 2015

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I don’t know about you, but I am done with winter! Spring is so close you can almost smell it in the air!

I’m very excited for this week ahead, we’ve already had some fun experiments, and I hope to have more before Friday!

We are learning about our 5 Senses and how they help us discover the world. Today we used Marshmallow’s to explore this concept and we found all of the ways each of our 5 senses helped us (pictures to come).

We will be learning more about the number 8.

Our sight words will be my, here, come; and our letters are X,Y,Z.

This week is also French Week at Glen Stewart Primary. On Wednesday it is Dress in the colours of the Acadian Flag day. So everyone wear Red, Blue, White, and Yellow.

On Friday we will be having some fun for St. Patrick’s day. Everyone wear Green and we’ll also be having some treats!

Remember next week (March 16-20) is March Break- NO Classes!

Have a great week, and bring on the sunshine to melt that snow!

Mrs. Marshall




March 2-6 March 2, 2015

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Hello Parents!

We’ve got a busy week ahead of us- here’s what’s in store:

In Math we will be discovering the number 8.

In Literacy we will be covering the letters X and Y and the sight words Look, Like, Love

We will be reading the book Winter on Long Pond.

Parent Teacher interviews are on Thursday Evening and Friday during the day (please note there are no classes on Friday). I look forward to meeting with each of you to discuss your child’s progress. Learning Reports go home on Wednesday, so we will be able to discuss those during the interview time.

I forgot to mention that we will be having Library class every Day 4 (Monday is Day 4). Please remind your child to bring their library book to school.

Guided Reading books go home on Tuesday and are to be returned by Thursday. When the books are not turned in on time, we are unable to do activities that have been planned for that day. Please remember to return the guided reading books each Thursday.

Your child should be reading their book to you each night they have it home. It is a familiar text, one they have read in class at least 2 times. Practice reading at home is very important! Encourage your child to read each night, to you, to a sibling, to a pet, to a stuffed animal, to themselves in the mirror!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall