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March 9-13 March 9, 2015

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I don’t know about you, but I am done with winter! Spring is so close you can almost smell it in the air!

I’m very excited for this week ahead, we’ve already had some fun experiments, and I hope to have more before Friday!

We are learning about our 5 Senses and how they help us discover the world. Today we used Marshmallow’s to explore this concept and we found all of the ways each of our 5 senses helped us (pictures to come).

We will be learning more about the number 8.

Our sight words will be my, here, come; and our letters are X,Y,Z.

This week is also French Week at Glen Stewart Primary. On Wednesday it is Dress in the colours of the Acadian Flag day. So everyone wear Red, Blue, White, and Yellow.

On Friday we will be having some fun for St. Patrick’s day. Everyone wear Green and we’ll also be having some treats!

Remember next week (March 16-20) is March Break- NO Classes!

Have a great week, and bring on the sunshine to melt that snow!

Mrs. Marshall




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