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March 26, 27 March 25, 2015

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IMG_1261 IMG_1260

Just a couple of shots of our front playground! Thought you might appreciate the view.

Tomorrow we will be back to class after our “extended” March Break. We’ll be using Thursday and Friday to review and re-establish our classroom routines. We have some fun new learning games ready to go.

We’ve finished up all of the alphabet except the vowels which we will focus on in April. We will also be working on matching and identifying both lower and upper case.

In math we will review numbers to 8 and in literacy we will review the sight words covered so far as well as finish up our Senses.

Just for you to make note: May 5 will be our Kindergarten Spring Concert. More information will be forthcoming, but I know the music teachers have been working hard planning it and it looks like a really good one! The only costume your child will need is a white t-shirt and jeans/overalls. The theme is around spring farming/gardening.

It sure will be nice to get back into a routine! I’ll bet we are all excited about that!

Have a great day,

Mrs. Marshall


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