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Part/Part/Whole: It’s a Math Thing March 28, 2015

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Kindergarten numeracy outcome 1.5 states: “show a given number as two parts concretely and name the two parts”

Here is one way we do this in Kindergarten.

First, we start with a stack of 8 two sided chips:


Then we lay them out in front of us, with all of the same colour showing:

IMG_1280 it doesn’t matter how they’re arranged, just that we know we have 8.

And slowly, one by one, we turn over the chips. We know we still have 8 (that’s called conservation- knowing that just because the arrangement changed, the number did not), but now we can see that 1 white and 7 red are still 8.


As the lesson proceeds, we begin to see how 1 number can be separated into 2 parts. Eventually we will begin to understand that this is addition and subtraction, but right now, it’s enough to know this aspect.

Kindergarten math is hands on, it’s concrete, and it’s understandable. It’s the foundation for future math learning and success. Oh, and it’s a l lot of fun, too!


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