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May 25-29 May 26, 2015

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Wow! The last week of May is here. But we still have lots to do before the end of June!

This week we’ve begun looking at 3D shapes. This is always a fun unit to do, we’ll have a good time discovering all of the shapes we see around us.

We continue to work on reading and writing. It’s so important that we all put our best effort in every day. The more effort we put into our reading and writing, the more improvement we will see.

We are also continuing our discovery of dirt and soil. We’ve had a great time investigating using (most) of our 5 senses. Can you guess which sense we will NOT use?

We have library on Wednesday. Please make sure your child returns their library book so that they will be able to check out another.

Here’s a few notes to remember:

May 29 (Friday) there is no school for Kindergarten only. This is the day the new students for next year will come for a visit. Remember, it is only Kindergarten that does not have school, so if you have an older child they DO have school that day.

June 5 is the Spring Fling. This is always a fun time! We are still collecting items for the Kindergarten “Pamper Yourself” basket.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall


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