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June 22-26 June 22, 2015

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It’s the last weekly update for the school year. It’s hard to believe this year is almost over, where did the time go?

We had a great field trip last week. Once we got past all of the mosquito’s in the woods, we had an awesome time running around and playing, eating ice cream and enjoying spending time together. Thanks to the mom’s who volunteered to help out that day! Your help was GREATLY appreciated!!!

This week we will be wrapping up a few things, going for nature walks (weather permitting), and having a good time.

On Friday we will have Field Day first thing in the morning, then we will have our last day of school party in the afternoon. If you would like to send in treats, please feel free!

On Friday students will be sent home with their final report cards for the day as well as portfolio items that we have been collecting through the year. Please make sure your child’s homework bag is sent back to school as that will be used to put the portfolio items in.

I may or may not need to send out more information as the week goes on, so keep an eye out!

Mrs. Marshall


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