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September 21-28 September 20, 2015

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We have finished 2 weeks of school and it seems like we’ve been here forever. The kids are already pro’s at the new routine and the new daily schedule.

We began learning about our 5 senses last week, so we will build on that this week with the story, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See.” We will have some science activities around “sight” as well.

We will continue with our overview of all of the letters as well as the numbers to 10. Also we will be working on some fine motor activities to get us ready for printing our letters and writing our stories.

I’m going to put a couple of links up here for you to have. We watch a lot of Sesame Street videos in class. They add a new dimension for learning, and they have so many that are specific to what we are doing in class. Here are two that we watch most every day- they are great for alphabet knowledge!


Picture day is MONDAY! Hope we all have a great week! And I hope the weather cools off a bit too.

Mrs. Marshall


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