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December 14-18 December 14, 2015

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We had a great walk down to the pharmacy to mail our letter to France. Everyone was so careful and respectful to each other, I was very impressed with everyone! Big thumbs up!

We’ve been talking about What I Can Do! this past week, as a part of our “All About Me” unit for Social Studies/Literacy. Continuing on from that, in Literacy this week we will be reading the book My Puppy. It’s a great book to introduce the concept of “wants and needs”.  We will learn about the letters S and Q, and will add the sight word ME.

In math/science/art we will begin looking at patterns in nature and practice sketching them in our art books.

Remember our Field Trip is Wednesday. Our class Christmas party will be on Dec. 22, the last day of school before the new year.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall



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