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Our Week In Pictures April 23, 2016

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The picture on the left is what the branch looked like a week ago when we brought it inside. You can see by the picture on the right how the buds are beginning to bloom.

This week we created in a variety of ways. In the sand box we made a volcano AND the Grand Canyon. We created new vehicles with the Lego. We painted, we drew, we wrote, we made tunnels with the blocks.

We went on a nature walk and used our five sense to discover the world around us. We felt the breeze on our faces, the rocks under our feet, the pinecones we gathered from the ground. We smelled the spring dirt smell in the air. We saw birds and water, grass and garbage. We heard animals playing in the trees, birds singing, cars driving by. And some of us tasted the bridge…

We’ve all had a great week. And we look forward to next week!

Here is the link to a fun Sesame Street video we all really enjoy:

Jason Mraz- Sesame Street Outdoors



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