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E-Mails and other things October 11, 2016

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Just a couple of things I forgot when I did the blog–

As I was getting ready to set up a class e-mail list, I noticed I am missing a few e-mails. If you have never e-mailed me, I was wondering if you could do that so I could add your e-mail to my list? Sometimes it’s easier to send out a mass e-mail than to go to the blog to pass on information. And while we are on the subject- some of you checked off that you would like a paper copy of the school newsletter. That goes out to everyone who has given their e-mail to the school. If you would like to discontinue the paper version, please let me know. The school spends a tremendous amount of money on paper, so the more we can go paperless, the better. Thanks!


I wanted to add a few pictures from last week. We have begun “Author’s Chair”. This is a fun time of the day when some of us who have written a story get a chance to share with the class. It’s always enjoyable to see what our friends have written.

This past week we also began playing with the classroom instruments as well as adding painting to our daily choices. Creative Development is an important part of kindergarten, and I love to showcase our growth in this area!


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