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October 17-21 October 17, 2016

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We had a lot of fun last week!

The Teddy Bear Clinic was a great time. Our stuffies were weighed and measured, diagnosed, and given “medicine”. The student nurses did a great job.

We’ve been thinking about all kinds of lines, straight, squiggly, zig zag, etc. We were able to put all of that into practice when we watched “Art Hub for Kids” on YouTube and learned how to draw pumpkins and apples. We will continue to use these lines as we start letter printing this week.

We used our five senses to make and taste applesauce. This is always a fun activity, and today we also wrote down “instructions” on how to make it. We took a poll to see who liked it and who didn’t (8 said yes, 5 said no).

This week we’ll have some more fun! We’ll be discovering with pumpkins, learning about printing our letters and learning about the letters F and E. We’ll also add the sight word “and” to our sight word bank (see, can, the, and). We will be reading the book Pumpkin, Pumpkin.

In math we will continue to explore numbers 1-5 through a variety of means, including five frames, dice, counting sets, and playing games.

Today we also had a school bus safety presentation from Ms. Mullen-Doyle

We watched a video about school bus safety, and we did some role playing around the subject.

Just a reminder that next week there is no school on Thursday or Friday (Oct. 27-18) due to the PEITF fall conference. This week though, it’s five full days of fun!

Have a great week and GO CUBS!


Mrs. Marshall


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