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October 31-Nov 4 October 31, 2016

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We survived our first Halloween at school! The kids did great, they were actually pretty mellow. I offered to let them wear their costumes longer and they were all pretty indifferent to the matter. Don’t worry though, we didn’t have too much sugar! Thanks to Liam, Peyton, Braydon and Bryce’s moms for providing our treats today! And a special thanks to Enula’s mother for the October play dough and Peyton’s mother for the November play dough!


We had a brief introduction to some pre-reading and writing, and we should all have brought a book home called I See Halloween.

We spoke about the importance of pointing at the words we read, and we stretched the word pumpkin out and wrote down the sounds we hear. Both are important skills that will be needed as the kindergarten year progresses.

For the rest of the week, here’s what’s planned:

Learning the sight word Do, the letters P and B

Our book is: See What I Can Do (it’s a book that utilizes the sight words we’ve learned so far- a great way to reinforce our sight words as well as show the importance in our reading).

We have been obsessed with maps lately, so I will be adding some fun mapping activities to our centres as well. In Math we will finish up our look at numbers to 5. Next week we will begin looking at patterns.


As always, if you have any questions, let me know!

Mrs. Marshall


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