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January 16-20 January 16, 2017

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It’s been a busy few weeks getting back into the routine of school, but everyone seems to have settled in nicely. We’ve been having a lot of fun reading The Mitten by Jan Brett and beginning guided reading. Here’s what’s on tap for the week:

In literacy we are reading The Hat by Jan Brett. We will be covering the letters Q and G. Our sight words are at, look, like, my. In Writing we have been using a “writing continuum” self-assess our writing. It is a great opportunity for us to self-check our writing, and to decide what we may need to work on.


Guided Reading has been going very well. I will be sending the books home on Tuesday. Your child should read through them at least once a night. They are due back on Thursday. Please respect this timeline as the number of guided reading books is limited and when books are not returned we are unable to do the activities planned. There will be a note to go home with the books explaining this further.

In Math we are focusing on the number 7 this week (we did 6 last week).

I wanted to share some of the creations from our block play.


Here we have a flag, a fireplace, and a ladder to get to the top. I really enjoy when we add some different elements to our play.

We have enjoyed a fun little video calledĀ The Duck Song.t’s about a duck going up to a lemonade stand. Well, some of us decided to build that lemonade stand, as you can see above. Activities like this not only demonstrate our creative thinking, but also give us a chance to show that we understand concepts of writing. In Kindergarten, yes we play. But it’s through that play that we show our learning in a way that (I think) is better than with just pencil on paper. We show that we can take what we’ve learned and apply it to our every day life. Isn’t that what learning is about?

Have a great week parents! I know we will!

Mrs. Marshall and KD


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