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February 16-17 February 16, 2017

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Hey Parents,

As was predicted, we’re getting hit with yet another snow storm. Wanting activities for your child to do on these days? How about giving them some paper and pencils/markers/crayons to do some writing? Let them sound the words out that they don’t know- we call that “Kindergarten Writing”. There are also those sight word games I sent home last week (or was it the week before? Time flies!).

In regards to the Open House/Tea: That will go ahead on Friday.

Friday is also Pajama Day for the whole school. Send in a loonie for Easter Seals! This years Easter Seals ambassador is a friend of mine, so I am so excited for him!

Looking into the weather for next week, I am thinking it would be nice to go sledding either Monday or Tuesday. I will let you know which day over the weekend.

Enjoy the downtime, and hope to see you all tomorrow afternoon!

Mrs. Marshall


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