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May 22-26 May 23, 2017

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Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend, I know I enjoyed more than a few lobsters! We’re now on the downward slide for kindergarten, which is so hard to believe since it seems like it was just September not that long ago! But your children are doing great, and ready for summer and grade 1.

Not a lot to write about this week- We’ll be reading Quiet in the Library, still working on our reading and our writing, and still learning about 3D shapes in math.

A BIG reminder: No School for Kindergarten only on Friday! as that is the day next years kindergarteners come to visit! Time is passing by so quickly!

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know!

Mrs. Marshall


May 1-5 May 1, 2017

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The first two days of this week are all tied up with the Spring Concert. We are putting in the final pieces today, and tomorrow will be the final touches to the final pieces. Reminder that the concert times are 1:10 and 6:00. Please do not come any early than 5:30 as the classrooms will be closed until then. Bring your child straight to the classroom. We will go up when it is our turn to do our part. Please stay in the gym until all of the classes have performed. There are many kindergarten classes this year, so we are taking turns 2-3 classes at a time to perform. This will make it much easier for you to see your child!

If you do not have tickets, Please Contact The School Immediately. The concert is free, but you will need a ticket to get into the performance.

On Wednesday and Thursday we will resume our regularly scheduled routines! We will stick with the book 911 Quack, and will continue to work on our reading and writing in class.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Mrs. Marshall