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June 12-16 June 12, 2017

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Amazing how time flies. We’re finishing up some assessments, getting everything all put together, and a in a few short days this school year will be over. I am sure most of you are just wondering where the time has gone! We will be sending home permission slips for our field trip to Kings Castle tomorrow (Tuesday). It is June the 22 (rain date is the 23), and the only cost is $1.50 for ice cream. If there are any parents who would like to meet us there, please feel free to do so! It’s a fun day of playing outside, having a picnic, and just enjoying nature.

We had a special visitor today! Parker Grimmer, Director of the Public Schools Branch was in to read to us!


We have finished up studying about plants, and for the next two weeks will be reading stories about sunshine, summer, and outdoors. In math we will be having fun with some measurement. Even though we’re winding down, we still have books to read and stories to write!

Ms. Marshall


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