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December 18-22 December 19, 2017

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Last week before our break! Your children have worked so hard this year, they deserve some time off, and they are ready! Just a few housekeeping items:

-It’s now winter which means cold and snow! Please, please, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. That means snow pants, coats, hats, mittens. We go out every day and it makes for a miserable recess when we aren’t dressed appropriately. Remember, there are no bad weather days, just poor clothing choices!

-Please make sure EVERYTHING is labeled. I can guarantee you that even though you think your child knows/admit that something is theirs, they won’t. I can’t tell you how many mittens I have to put in lost and found because no one will claim them. I have even given a child a pair of mittens with their names in them and the child will say they aren’t theirs. For some reason, this is something that we work on every year. If your items are labeled with the last name, so many switches and lost items won’t happen. That doesn’t guarantee your child still won’t lose something, but if the name is on it, it sure makes it easier to identify.

-Friday is “Ugly Christmas Sweater Day” or dress in Christmas colours. We will be having a bit of a party in the morning. I will notify those who signed up for treats. There are 15 children in our class.

-Friday is the last day of school for 2017. Classes will resume Wednesday, January 3rd!

And finally, how about some pictures of our week?


Working on patterns was so much fun!



Happy Holidays to all of you! See you in 2018!


December 11-15 December 11, 2017

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Ten more Kindergarten days until our break! It’s hard to believe. Here’s what’s up for this week:

Literacy: The big book “This Is My House”, a book about people around the world. The letters this week are K and U, and the sight word is “is”.

Here are the sight words covered so far: see, can, do, to, the, and, go, do. Add is to that list!

In math we are still focusing on Patterns.

In writing we are looking at the author Mo Willems, who writes our favourite Elephant and Piggie books.

We are also talking about maps and mapping.

On Friday it is backwards day, and Thursday is our field trip to the bowling alley. If you have not returned your permission slip, please do so. Without a signed permission slip your child cannot attend.

Have a great day!

Ms. Marshall


December 4-8 December 4, 2017

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We have been discovering patterns in KD, and are really taking time to enjoy the process. From sorting and learning about attributes, to learning about ABAB patterns and ABC patterns. It’s been a joy of discovery. We will continue to work on patterns for the month of December.

In literacy we are reviewing some sight words- the, and, and working in small groups to review letters and sight words. We are learning about quiet reading and partner reading, as well as what readers “do”- they read from cover to cover, they pay close attention to the pictures, they look for words they know. All of these skills help make us even better readers than we already are.

We are also digging a little deeper into maps and making maps. We will be learning about some of the words needed such as “across” and “over” “behind” and “through”. And, believe it or not, this is even a beginning to learning about code (for computers). It’s amazing how our integrated curriculum really does fit all aspects of our day.

Speaking of coding and computers, We have begun using our Chrome books on a regular basis. We are learning to log in, go to Google Classroom, and then find games that Ms. Marshall links us to. We’re pretty excited and proud to be able to do this!


Friday is Red and White Day: everyone come dressed in Red and White!  We’re also going to spend the afternoon making some winter crafts, which should be lots of fun!

14 days until our break! We’re going to make the most of them!


Ms. Marshall


November 27-December 1 November 27, 2017

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It’s hard to believe that the last week of November is here already, and December starts on Friday! We have been pretty busy in KD, and here are some pictures to show some of our work:

Block play continues to be a favourite area. I am really enjoying how we have begun to accessorize our creations.

We began our unit on Patterns by discussing what Attributes are: colour, size, shape, thickness, position… all of these are what we use to describe something. To tell what its attributes are. We have really enjoyed sorting! This week we will begin to think about what we can do with the items we sort. We will talk about patterns, specifically ABAB patterns.



While a big truck might impress some of us, others are enjoying our quiet “reading” corner. We have become “Reading Detectives” in KD. Just like a good detective looks at all of the “facts” and “evidence”, a good “reading detective” looks for words we know, looks at the pictures, looks for words within words, looks at the letters. We do all of this to begin to read our books. This week, we are looking at some of our “Label Books” (guided reading books that are heavy on 1 sight word, and 1 picture), and finding out ways to read them.

In writing, we have been using pictures to tell our story. Our big discussion and work has been around using colour and detail. If our pictures are telling a story, then it’s important that we use just the right colour and just the right detail. I am really impressed with how well we are doing with this. After the break, we will be adding words.

Our big book this week will be “To Town”, we will finish our “Frog Jump” Letters with the Letter M (letters covered so far: F E D P R N M), and we will add the sight word “go” (sight words so far: see, can, and, the, to, do, my, go). We will also be talking about Maps.

Friday will be Crazy Hat/Hair day.

As always, if you need to contact me for anything, please do! E-mail is best, and if you need me to phone, just let me know! Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall



Nov 20-24 November 22, 2017

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Just a quick update this week. It was great seeing everyone at Parent Teacher Interviews. I am so proud of the work your children have done so far this year, as I know you are too. I am looking forward to seeing how far they will go!

We have finished the letter R and have moved on to the letter N. Next week we will do the letter M and review all “Frog Jump” Letters.

We are reading the book “Rosie’s Walk”. It’s about a chicken who goes for a walk, and a fox who ends up in big trouble! Lots of fun, great illustrations, and some interesting words too!

In Math we have finished up talking about attributes, and have moved on to sorting and sorting rules. Next week we will be moving on into patterns themselves.

This Friday is a school wide Pajama Day! We will be using this as a fundraiser for our Christmas families. Everyone always loves pajama day!

Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall


November 13-17 November 14, 2017

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It’s a short week this week, but still lots to do! Here’s what’s up:

Our sight word for the week is the

Our letter of the week is B

Our big book is, “Whose Mouse are You”

And in Math we will begin talking about Patterns. This week we will be focusing on “attributes” and what makes objects similar and different.

Report cards will go home on Wednesday, and remember Parent Teacher Interviews are this Thursday and Friday. There is no school on Friday.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Marshall


November 6-10 November 7, 2017

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Hey Parents,

Sorry for the post being late, time flies when you’re having fun!

Speaking of fun, here’s the fun for the week:

In literacy we are reading the big book, Can’t you Sleep Little Bear? Last week we read a story about hibernation and it sparked a fun conversation on the subject. So, if your child says need to hibernate for the night, you know what it’s about!

We are learning the word “to” and talking about the letter P. If you are keeping record at home, these are the sight words and letters we’ve covered so far:

Letters: F, E, D, P

Words: can, see, my, and, to, do

I’m finding we are doing great with the sight words, but some of us are having a harder time connecting the letter sounds with the letters. Here’s an idea to do at home, in the car, where ever: When you come across a word, either something you’re talking about or a sign you see, repeat the word to your child, emphasizing the first (beginning) sound. Then ask them what sound it is, and what letter makes that sound. I think this is helping some of us make that connection (and it also is a kindergarten foundational learning: hearing the beginning and ending sounds). This will especially come in handy when we begin writing and reading.

Speaking of writing, we have begun writing our first books. I will have these available for you at parent teacher interviews. We have been focusing on storytelling up until this point. Now, we are telling our stories using pictures. I am looking forward to “reading” these books, and I know you will enjoy them as well.

Parent teacher interviews are Thursday and Friday, Nov. 16,17 (please note that there is NO SCHOOL on the 17). The slips are going home this week. Please let me know ASAP if that time assigned doesn’t work for you. I have tried to get most of them on Thursday evening, as in the past this has been what has worked for most families. If we can’t find a time that works for you on Thursday or Friday, let me know and we can try another day after school. These interviews will focus on the learning report that will go home on the 15th, so be sure to go over that and come with any questions you may have! Most of the year, so far, has been focused on social and emotional growth, phonological awareness, fine motor, and numbers 1-5. The learning report will reflect that. I look forward to seeing all of you!

Things to be aware of:

Monday, November 13 no school: honoring Remembrance Day

Friday, November 17 no school: parent teacher interviews

Wednesday and Thursday (and Friday Morning) there will be a Book Fair in the Library. I will sign our class up for a day to visit and browse (please DO NOT feel pressure to send in money for them!), and you are free to go on Thursday evening or Friday morning as well.

Next week we will be covering the letter R and the sight word the.

Have a great week, and I look forward to seeing you all next week!

Mrs. Marshall